AKB48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie, Global Flavour – Ready to Consume!

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

There’re So Many Photos That Prove AKB48 Kato Rena Is A Serial Kisser

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Don’t Underestimate Mayuyu, She Is Da Boss!


This program is filmed in before February this year, so I think you may feel what she was thinking as she made her comments. Mayuyu “Now I’m starring a TV

Which Girl Is Cuter, Mayuyu or Milky? W-Watanabe Of Team B


As Milky (Miyuki Watanabe) joins in team B temporarily, now team B has 2 popular Wananabe named W-Watanabe (like W-Matsui in team S of SKE48). As both Watanabe have an

Photographer Mariko Fully Captured Takamina’s Kawaiiness


As People gradually and finally come to realize how Takamina is actually cute, our photographer Mariko shared a decisive photo to prove her girlishness with us on twiter. PriMina~ (= Pretty Takamina) Among

Election Forecast: While All Eyes On Sashiko And Rena, Veteran Members Are Under Real Battle To Be In Top16(1G)


According to the Shake-Hands event score of 2 latest singles, what change we can see in these several months? As we now have almost all the result of Kobetsu-Shake-Hands for

Cutest Cookie Monster Exists In AKB48


Yesterday, at Sunday’s shake-hand event in Tokyo, Mocchii got a up and down, as she was gifted her favorite frog-shaped cookie, someone took the first bite of this cookie. Though

What Are The Highlights Of 4th General Election?


AkiP’s acquaintance paints portraits of past winners of elections As the upcoming June election (27th single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, 4th general election) is approaching, everyone is curious about how results will

What If AKB Were Baseball Teams!?!?


Story: While Japanese baseball fans shared joy with Rangers fans as Darvish’s ended Yankee’s winning streak in his last pitch, Japanese AKB48 Ota are making a roster list of AKB48 as

AKB0048 Got A Positive Reception Both From Ani-Ota and AKB-Ota


http://himado.in/91036 Fans Reaction!! “Let’s talk about the indisputable fact this Anime was better than expected!“ “ It was better than expected. They chose nice staffs and finished very nice way. I

Yukrin Seriously Doesn’t Know Anything About Horse Racing Betting!!


Lunch at Tokyo Big Site (Venue for Shake-Hands event on 29th) Yurikin “I’m a too newbie in Horse Racing… I have no idea what to do… I’m almost crying… 1-5-6?? Does

Yuihan’s Worst Day When She Lost Out Two Of Her Lovers


In her blog Sae wrote she spent her day-off in Disneyland and Disneysea with her local frineds on 27th Apr. Next day on 28th as her work ended early she

AKB Members In Law Enforcement Costume!!! (And Acchan In Military Cos)


I believe there is no border for our affection to Law Enforcement Themed Costume or Police Woman Costume in this world. That said I think no one would complain of

Yuko Bravely Bet All Her 1 Thousand Points On One Trifecta – AKB Gachi-Uma!


JRA collaborated campaign, AKB’s Gachi-Uma, has started and AKB members are making their betting for coming G1 horse race Tennoh-sho (Spring). A member who made most bold betting is none other than Yuko

NMB Members In The TV Show ‘Sanma no Manma’, Don’t Miss Their Catch Phrases!!!


NMB48 guested in the TV show hosted by a famous veteran comedian, Sanma!!! This is a rare opportunity for us to see NMB members in nationwide broadcast, and NMB made

Fan Report: Jurina At Shake-Hands Event


I am picturing her greeting to fans in her usual cheerful and loud voice!!! Jurina! Never again leave from us please!!!! ーFrom two channel “Jurina’s Shake-hands event report – finished

Full MV of NMB’s Upcoming Summer Single Dropped!!!


Following their previous singles, Zeetai Kurokami Syoujo, OMG! and Zyunjo U-19, all are ranked No.1 in Oricon weekly chart, their highly-anticipated 4th single will go on sale 2th May!! 3

Miichan Lost to Kaoru…. Not Only In The Game But…


“After loosing the battle against Kaoru (Mittsu), Miichan looked almost about to start crying.” This sentence brought the huge concern to two channel’s AKB fan thread. The Thread started with this

Close Up Photos of AKB Members (you can see pores!!!)


超Kawaii neko…. she is completely an Anime character… kissing face is preferable!! Rena has a perfect skin tone and almond eyes!! The Pianist from HKT48! uhmmmm Piano Dress??? Nyan! Hi