Looking back at 48G member graduations in 2013

  December 27, 2013

“Chotto matte!!!”

We’ve seen far too many graduations this year, which don’t necessarily mean a bad thing, but is probably the worst thing that can happen to a fan if the graduating member in question is their oshi.

Did this happened to you anytime during 2013?
Or is any of you expecting that your oshimen will graduate anytime soon?

I’m hoping that this article will serve as a reflection for us fans to see that these girls below successfully mustered up their courage, decided that they are strong enough to take on whatever it is that they want to do on their own –without the “48” label on their backs– and went ahead with it.

It’s never an easy thing to do, specially after having to go through the auditions, competing with hundreds, or even thousands, of other girls, and then deciding to go on a totally separate way. Most people will just stick on their comfort zone and do what they’re asked to do, what they’re supposed to do, as opposed to what they want to do.

But these girls… I would like to believe that they found what they genuinely want to do, and while fully knowing that they will lose some or even all of their fan-base by graduating, graduated anyways and faced their uncertain future on their own.

Well, that’s enough rant for an article, let’s *sob* get on with the list.


Team A

  • Kasai Tomomi

    Kasai Tomomi

  • Nakamata Shiori

    Nakamata Shiori

  • Nakatsuka Tomomi

    Nakatsuka Tomomi

  • Nito Moeno

    Nito Moeno

  • Shinoda Mariko

    Shinoda Mariko

Team K

  • Akimoto Sayaka

    Akimoto Sayaka

  • Itano Tomomi

    Itano Tomomi

  • Matsubara Natsumi

    Matsubara Natsumi

  • Nakaya Sayaka

    Nakaya Sayaka

  • Sato Amina

    Sato Amina

Team B

  • Komori Mika

    Komori Mika


Team S

  • Hiramatsu Kanako

    Hiramatsu Kanako

  • Kuwabara Mizuki

    Kuwabara Mizuki

  • Niidoi Sayaka

    Niidoi Sayaka

  • Takada Shiori

    Takada Shiori

  • Yagami Kumi

    Yagami Kumi

Team KII

  • Akaeda Ririna

    Akaeda Ririna

  • Fujimoto Mitsuki

    Fujimoto Mitsuki

  • Hata Sawako

    Hata Sawako

  • Ogiso Shiori

    Ogiso Shiori

Team E

  • Hara Minami

    Hara Minami

  • Suga Nanako

    Suga Nanako

  • Ueno Kasumi

    Ueno Kasumi

SKE Kenkyuusei

  • Hioki Miki

    Hioki Miki

  • Ito Akane

    Ito Akane

  • Kitahara Yuna

    Kitahara Yuna

  • Kobayashi Emiri

    Kobayashi Emiri

  • Miyawaki Riko

    Miyawaki Riko

  • Azuki Yano

    Azuki Yano


Team N

  • Fukumoto Aina

    Fukumoto Aina

  • Shinohara Kanna

    Shinohara Kanna

Team M

  • Yamamoto Hitomi

    Yamamoto Hitomi

NMB Kenkyuusei

  • Hirose Sena

    Hirose Sena

  • Hisada Riko

    Hisada Riko

  • Ishihara Masako

    Ishihara Masako

  • Ogawa Noa

    Ogawa Noa

  • Sugino Risa

    Sugino Risa


HKT Kenkyuusei

  • Abe Kyoka

    Abe Kyoka


Team J

  • Stella Cornelia

    Stella Cornelia

  • Sonya Pandarmawan

    Sonya Pandarmawan

  • Diasta Priswarini

    Diasta Priswarini


  • Intar Putri Kariina

    Intar Putri Kariina

JKT Kenkyuusei

  • Annisa Athia

    Annisa Athia

  • Althea Callista

    Althea Callista

  • Dellia Erdita

    Dellia Erdita

  • Nadhifa Karimah

    Nadhifa Karimah

  • Nurhalima Oktavianti

    Nurhalima Oktavianti

  • Olivia Robberecht

    Olivia Robberecht


Team NII

  • Wang YiJun

    Wang YiJun

SNH Kenkyuusei

  • Ding ZiYan

    Ding ZiYan

That brings the total of 50 girls altogether from the 48 groups.

Now I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the graduated members but if I do miss someone, please do remind me in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list.

Special thanks to: Steezy Ranger’s post on the International AKB48 Fan Club