[ Bunshun ] Rino Sashihara’s alleged ‘scandalous’ relationship

  June 14, 2012
Rino Sashihara's alleged 'scandalous' relationship Rino Sashihara's alleged 'scandalous' relationship

Sashihara had a relationship with fan?


Rino Sashihara who won 4th spot in the general election caught in scandal.

Headline of the latest issue of Shukan Bunshun says, “Former boyfriend confesses, AKB48 member Rino Sashihara was Nikusyokukei (aggressive in love and sex)”


AKB48 is known to have a rule that “One-way love is okay, but two-way love is NG (breaking a rule)”, which is often called “Love-Ban Rule”.

Former members, Hirajima Natsumi and Yonezawa Rumi were forced to leave the group because of their private blogs, twitter accounts and leaked (though they could be seen by everyone) photos of their group dating.

Most of the case, top members’ scandals are overlooked, but because in this case, it’s the alleged relationship with a fan, it is likely that they may impose some kind of penalty on her. We shall pay close attention to how this scandal will turn out.

From Woman Infoseek

AKB has a strict rule to ban love relationship, but penalty will not be imposed if they ended the relationship before they join AKB48. Though in Sashiko’s case, she had the relationship after she joined the group, and the person in question is her fan who frequented AKB theater and Akusyukai to meet her. If this rumor will turn out to be true, it means Sashihara broke the rule of AKB48.
Because of the nature of her job, Idol, they couldn’t date in public, so they’d dated at Sashihara’s home in most of the case. When she first started her life in Tokyo, she lived with Chihou-gumi members, but she soon moved  to the apartment in Nakano district (Tokyo) to live with her mother. Daytime on weekdays, when her mother was out, they skipped the school and met at her home.
It’s scheduled that she will host Yubi-Matsuri on 25th June, which invites other idol groups including Warota, Nogizaka and Momoiro CloverZ. But because love relationship after joined AKB48 is considered to be tabboo, if this rumor will turn out to be true, she will likely to be fired.
Her blog, G+ account, TGSK and AkiP’s G+ accounts stop updating since last evening.

From Tanteifile


We asked Ohta Production for an interview on 14th June. Because we were told that the person in charge of Sashihara will come into office around 11AM, we called them around the time. But they answered that the person was out of the office and the only person who can answer the detail on this matter is him/she. When I asked about their opinion on this scandal spread through the online community, they answered “We will investigate the facts. “

Other online news media that have reported this news are J-cast, Gadget Tsushin, and of course Shukan Bunshu.

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Her student ID card 1:06~

Same “R”??

Past scandal of Rino Sashihara

In Oct 2009, the rumor surfaced that Sashihara sent a private text message (through Mobame service: officially called “AKB moblie” where registered fans can receive text messages from his favorite members. This service is exclusively offered to fan club members.) to a certain fan and tried to meet alone with him.

She herself is an inborn Ota and stays on top of the “mentalities of Ota”. She has rapidly gained huge fan base mainly among Otaku through her Ota performances in TV programs and friendly reactions at Akusyukai etc.

But from the beginning, there has been persistent scepticism that she might have connection to male Ota, which is exactly what surfaced this time.

One male fan wrote on his blog at 10:52 PM Oct 23th 2009,

“Tomorrow I’ll meet my beloved Otaku and go to Karaoke togethero(^-^)o”
After that, he wrote about his concern that the Otaku didn’t reply message to him. Right after his post, Sashihara sent the mysterious Mobame (to all registered fans), which seemed like a reply to someone, which says,
“I’m fine)^o^(Good night)^o^(“
Later, it turned out that this message was a reply to the male fan.
The next day the male fan updated his blog on12:12 PM,
“We will stroll around Harajuku before Karaoke(^0^)/ Will we go shopping for clothes? I can’t wait for tomorrow(^0^)”And Sashihara sent Mobame,
Today I will go to Karaoke again with Ohya-san w(゜ o゜)w!”
One and half hour later,
Sashihara “After shopping, we will go to Karaokew(゜o゜)w
Male Ota “Now I’m in Harajuku. Where is my beloved Otaku~?”
Sashihara “Too many people!! I may buy something at Laforet Harajuku(>_<)"
But Ohya on this day sent Mobame which said that she went to school.
At 3 PM on that day, Sashiko sent Mobame,
“I was scolded by Shiichan….”
Ohya immediately sent Mobame again in which she explained that she is now with Sashihara, and this was the last message in this incident which was seen in public.

After this, because of all the fuss, the male Ota’s blog was closed.

Given the situation, it’s considered that almost certainly Sashihara had kept in touch with this Ota through Mobame.
According to the official account of the management, Sashihara denied this rumor when management asked her about the circumstances, and published the comment to support her denial, which concluded that this exchange through Mobame was between Ohya and Sashihara.

Around the time this incident, Sashihara has been promoted from KKS and selected for Senbatsu for 3 consecutive singles (Ogoe, Junen, Namida), but after this incident, she had been dismissed from Senbatsu until Heavy Rotation

*Shiichan made an appearance on a live TV show Hirunobi this afternoon, but fo course nobody talked about this scandal. Personally I thought she looked a bit nervous and quiet than usual.

Ayaka Kikuchi on G+ 2:36PM June 14th

Please understand my feelings .

Since I’m also done with the radio ,
From this time , I’ll be doing my best with my personal work . 

Ayarin (3gen) was fired from her job after 2 shot photo (Prikura) she took with her boyfriend leaked. Sashiko is the member who has been promoted to fill the vacant post after she left the group. 4 months after she’s fired, Ayarin passed the audition for 7gen members, and came back as KKS in AKB48.