Sayaka Yamamoto Look-Alike!!!!

  June 14, 2012
A little before, when I was watching TV I saw this girl who at first I thought it’s Sayanee. Though it turned out that she is a different person, Yuriko Kojima. But don’t you think she does look like Sayanee?

I think she is somewhere between Acchan and Sayanee.

(This person is talking about this girl, Ruriko Kojima)


I’ve mistaken her for Acchan for dozens of times

To the eyes of Syanne-Ota, my eyes automatically photoshop this photo so that she looks exactly like Sayanee….


Kojima also has big tits (and Sayanee, too)

LOL They’re really look alike.
They’d better co-star in some show!!!

By the way, back when the time of the release of Kazeha Fuiteiru, I’d often mistaken her for Paruru lol

But…. do you think Acchan and Sayanee are look alike??
I think your answer is probably “No”.

Watch he DVD. It looks as if Sayanee is wearing revealing Bikini and shaking her boobs!! 

The list of look alikes of Yuriko Kojima. Who do you think looks like her the most?

Yuriko Kojima
Ikuta-chan from Nogizaka46
The pitcher of Hanshin Tigers

So if Sayanee participated in Hori Production’s Talent Scout Caravan (the large audition for girls who aspire to become idols held by HoriPro) she also can win the Grand Prix like her?


Even their breasts are look alike….

When I was not familiar with AKB, I saw her on TV and thought “Is she a member of AKB48?”, because she does look so…..