Physiognomy: Next Aces Of AKB48 are From the West!!

  May 28, 2012
Though some of us had been expecting dramatic generation change in the ongoing AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo,  it tuned out familiar faces are dominating top positions in the early result as Yuko Oshima placed 1st, Yuki Kashiwagi in 2nd and Mayu Watanabe in 3rd.
But who will be crowned the winner of this election and become a center for the title track of 27th single? We asked a “face analyst” to make an forecast by analyzing members’ faces.

(Skip – The analyst said Sashiko, Yuko and Yukirin will rank in 3rd, 2nd and 1st respectively)

So who will rank up drastically this year other than Sashiko!?!?

W Matsui (Rena and Jurina) are placed in 7th and 8th respectively, and I don’t think they will rank up or down a lot from these positions. Yasushi Akimoto said “Jurina is a rough diamond. She is once in a decade talent!!” But I think she is once in two decade talent actually. She has that strong gaze!! But recently her eyes are showing her worry as it’s announced that she will concurrently join team K.

But a member who I’m paying attention the most is Miyuki Watanabe aka Milky from NMB48. Her facial shape from chin to cheeks has an elegant curve. Yukirin is often dubbed “healing girl” but Milky is more “healing” than Yukirin. She doesn’t look so impressive in still photos, but her facial expression is so soft ans really impressive. Why she is that impressive?? It’s because when she changes one facial expression to another, she does it really slow, which makes her looks so relaxing. Unlike Jurina, she looks cool about her concurrent participation in team B, and never shows us nervous face. I think it’s no surprise if she will be selected for Media Senbatsu (<- probably she is talking about Senbatsu).

Another girl I’m paying attention is Sayaka Yamamoto, who is also from NMB48. Contrary to Milky, her looks convey her strength. Especially her gaze is particularly strong. It tells her determination that she will lead the whole AKB project as a top member. She reminds me of Acchan of 2 years ago. I heard when asked who is her Oshi-men, Acchan named Yamamoto. I think she may be feeling sympathy to Yamamoto who has a similar aura to her, and thinking that her successor will be this girl from NMB48.

It seems that this “face analyst” doesn’t know much about AKB48, but I’m surprised how keen her analysis is!!