Miichan: Top3 Members who I want to be my girlfriend

  May 28, 2012
In the TV shoe Takeshi no Nippon no Mikata, Miichan shared her own top3 rankings of “Members who I want to be my girlfriend”.

1. Haruna Kojima 2. Yuko Oshima 3. Tomomi Kasai

During the filming of AKB’s namesake show AKB to xx, Miichan seemed to have gotten closer to promising new faces from the West!!

Miichan on G+

“I got mail addresses of JoeKeira and ShimaRena~~~!!!!⊂((・⊥・))⊃♡”

Akicha “That’s good! I want them too~!”

Miichan on no3b’s blog

Today we joined the filming of AKB to xx.
Under the blazing sunshine, I used my imagination and body to the fullest for this filming!!”


I failed to take a photo with Shimarena….(; 😉

I’ve gradually become able to talk with NMB48 girls….

Annin and Karen from AKB48 also joined the filming!

Though they are young, they have a matured thinking, and really nice girls!!

I hope I will become closer to them and have good relationships with them (´・ω・`)☆*゜

Joe on G+ and blog

“Good night~~~!!

See you tomorrow
“I took a photo with Karen Iwata-san!!
We are the same age!!
Do we look the same age??”