AkiP and AKB Members Pay Visit To Tearoom Tane, A Cafe Run By Miichan’s Parents

  May 7, 2012

Yesterday AkiP and some members of AKB paid a visit to Tearoom Tane, a cafe Miichan’s parents own and operate in Takashimadaira, Tokyo.


“This is the cafe Miichan’s parents run in Takashimadaira.
Plese pay a visit evryone~~~~.”

Tearoom Tane Now (No Sleeves and AkiP(photographer no that man))
Tane….. so AkiP took a idea of this song from a name of this tearoom???
タネ / No Sleeves

Fans posted comments and reactions like “I thought a man behind them was AKiP.” “LOL Me too” “How could Kojiharu and Mariko move to here quickly after they watched horse racing at Fuchu HR stadium until the last race.”

Miichan G+

I am deeply touched that Yasusu and everyone came over . ( ; ; )♡”

Characters on the signboard was made by Takamina, and the illustration of Tane was drew by Kojiharu!
Inside the cafe, plates were displayed that had been designed by Takamina as well as souvenirs that No Sleeves members had bought in Vietnam. Although Kojiharu bought all three ornaments for the No Sleeves members with her own money, Kojiharu lost hers so there are currently only 2 ornaments displayed in the cafe.
Kojiharu Twitter
Fa… finally all three No Sleeves souvenirs gather together!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ”
People may be wondering… Uhmmm why is this face only in 2D (Two dimensions)….???

Yesterday I worked all night then I remembered that I am supposed to have an appointment at 5:30 in Tearoom Tane thoughtlessly .

At 5:30 , I was drinking banana juice alone in  Tearoom Tane  in Takashimadaira .
I was wondering what am I doing there .
Finally , everybody came but after 10 minutes I left the cafe .

It was a good time to unwind .
Thank you , Minegishi’s father and mother . ”

LOL “I was wondering what am I doing there “…. I wonder how long did he take to go the cafe.
17:30 AkiP entered the cafe
17:40 W Minami (Miichan and Takamina) came over Tane from Daikanyama (a place in Tokyo)
17:50 Nyan(Kojiharu) and Mariko came over Tane from Fuchu HR Sadium
18:00 AkiP left the cafe….
Looks like AkiP is afraid of breaking a promise with Mariko??

Maiko G+

“After Nyaro(Kojiharu) and I watched the horse race on our date, we went to Tane that Mi-chan’s father is managing ! Everything on the menu is delicious, but the curry was especially delicious . ♪”

This is special versions of Tirole Choco, which uses illustrations by Takamina and Nyan as their wrapping!!

Suddenly Akicha made a post stating..

Akicha G+

“I’m at Tane now”

Everyone thought she was eating Sunflower seeds at the cafe, but

Akicha G+

“Hamburg steak was sooo delicious!!!
Thank you so much Miichan’s Papa and Mama!!!!(^-^)/”

A photo of an empty plate that used to contain food..? So original….

Fans reacted in wistful ways, with comments like, “Oh no I wanted to see Hamburg steak.”

Just then, KitaRie declared she joined the members meeting at Tane too.

KitaRie G+

“Kids’re shouting at us
‘Wooooo it’s Kitarie~~~~~ Ohhhh it’s Takajo!!!!!’
Come on kids, you should add San!!!!!
….. ? I found all of them were fans of Takajo….. lol (Though they called her without San)

KitaRie G+

“I visited tearoom Tane today!((O(・ω・)O))♪
It’s Miichan’s (parents) cafe!
I saw Takamina-san was making a cute board!!!!! And I was allowed to put Polaroid photos on it^^

I had amazingly delicious Green Curry and Hamburg!!!
And I got the idea what I should have next time I visit Tane!!”

Since yesterday’s G+ was Tane Matsuri (祭), Mariko-sam even uploaded this photo!!

It’s Kojiharu, Mariko, Miichan and Takamina with Miichan’s Mom and Papa! Miichan’s Papa looks young and handsome, and Miichan definitely resembles her mom, doesn’t she???

BTW not only Miichan’s parents own a restaurant but Shiichan’s (Shizuka Ohya) parents also run Seafood Restaurant Isotarou.

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