Tell Me Your Favorite Catchphrase!! It’s Not Necessarily To Be Your Oshi-Men’s!!

  May 29, 2012

I like Yukirin‘s catch phrase
“Whether asleep or awake, you’re always in Yukirin world! I’ll put you in a trance!”

It sounds like “Da IDOL”!!

I can’t think of anything other than “Fresh Lemon ni naritai no~~~!”
It has euphony!

Uhmmm my favorite is “Ichi Ni San Shi Goissyoni (Let’s do together)~~~ Roku Sichi Hachi Kyu Juirna~~~!!”

Me too. I remember when I first heart Jurina’s catch phrase, I was like “Wow she must have given a lot of thought on this!!”

No brainer. It’s French Lemon.
She is a member who has forged her own path with the help of her catchphrase.

Ainyan Hadouhou~~~~~!!”

“Fresh Lemon ni naritaino~~”
I’m from Saitama Prefecture! I’m Haruna Kojima, also known as Kojiharu.”
“Nananana Nananana Nana~~~~!”

“My ears hop and jump, I’m peppy Bambi!”

Naana‘s “Ichii Tasssu♪” part is so cute!! <- she is now thinking about her new catch phrase.

“I’m Atsuko Maeda~~.” <- Acchan (and Tomochin) has no catch phrase... lol

Akicha “Green tea [cha], barley tea [cha] and oolong tea [cha]…but the best tea is… ? Aki-cha!”

“Sayaka Sasayaka Sawayaka Sayaka! Sasatto Yasashisa Azayaka Sayaka!!”

Sayurin Saryurin Sayurinrin♪
Sayurin Sayurin Sayuringo♪

Every one, let’s taste  Sayuringo with plenty of sweet honey♪ <- Sayuringo from Nogizaka46!

I think Sayuringo is cute and I like her.

But her catchphrase is hard to swallow…. it’s too long…

“Ike Ike Go~Go~ Rumi Rumi Fu~~~!!”

“No~n Non No~n Non Ganbarunon! Kyaha♪”

“Oomori~~? (a large serving?)  Chumori~~~? (medium?) But the best one is~~ Komori!!”

“Nyaha~~~n Wakuwaku~min!! Kirameku~~min!! Tomorrow must be Nyahappy!!”

I like Minegishi‘s one since it’s rhythmical! “Rebellious 24 hours 365 days”

“What’s our afternoon snack? Mariyannu!”

“I wouldn’t say “I can’t do it.”

“Miracle, miracle it’ll come for sure!”

“Always Cheerfully Smiling for you!!”

“We got the case!! Nanana nanana na~na~”

Team B Oshi’s call for Mariyanne is too awesome…!!

“It’s alright to have Sukiyaki from the morning!!”

“Karei de Karen na Date Musume~~~!!”

But I think the rhythm of this catchphrase is unnecessary.

Basically catch phrases which are too long or make fans call too many times are out of the question.

There is a proper length, and call should be once.

I think Akicha’s is the best!

“No~n Non No~n Non Ganbarunon! Kyaha♪”
I am not Kanon-Oshi at all, but when I have to do something with full effort, this phrase goes through my head.

“I want to be loved. I want to love. But if I choose one… I want to be loved.”

“Charming Pokerface!! Mariko Shinoda de~su!”

“My eyes conquer your hearts, my heart conveys all to your heart. I’m Miraculous entertainer!!”

Note: Catch phrases of members change frequently. These catch phrases listed here may have changed already…