Akimoto Yasushi ”I can assure you that August single will be cool.” (and 2 other topics on NMB48 etc.)

  July 8, 2012

Akimoto Yasushi “I can assure you that August single will be cool.”

Ishihara P: “And people call any songs you release, Crap. What will you do?”
Yasusu: “I can assure you that listeners will enjoy the next song that will be released in August.”

Okay, I look forward to the release.

AkiP: “I don’t know (how MV will be received by viewers)”

So we’d better not expect much from MV.

Sure, he sounded like he is not sure that the quality of MV is good or bad.
Anyway I’m looking forward to listening to the song.

Both Shinobu and cameraman talked that the MV of election single has a bit different taste from past singles title tracks, so I’m curious about how it will look like.
It would be full of CG??

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“Directed by a renowned movie director (lol)”, “The largest number of Senbatsu members ever (lol)”, “The longest MV ever (lol)”
You don’t need this kind of hype.

Costume is a little disappointing…
You can take a sneak peek of a red, kinda like a wild Yankee(?) or Kids gang style costume on Mariko’s blog.


But I cast my one vote for “Lister will call it Crap, anyway.”

Though costumes look kinda cheap, we should just keep believing that it will be an awesome song.
I wish a title track of this election would surpass Heavy Rotation.

Akimoto Yasushi: The new song will fully draw cuteness of  Yuko, Mayuyu and Kashiwagi.

It’s rare to hear that Yasushi wrote a song based on Yukirin’s image….!

NMB48 will unveil their latest song in today’s HEY! HEY! HEY!

It’s coming━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ッ !!!!!

It’s coming━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━though I’m living in Kansai area !!!!!

MinMinDaha? or a title track? Which song will they perform??
If it’s a title track, they will unveil a title and performance of the song at the same time!!??
Because they unveiled Junjo-19 in HeyHeyHey, chances are high that they will do the same for this new single!!
But…. come on!! We can’t watch HeyHeyHey live special from Kansai, anyway!!
What the hell!?
So Kansai TV want us to watch Hayarin Monroe instead? Damn!!
Though…. I’m sure I’ll watch it (Monroe).

HeyHeyHey live special will be aired from 19:00 to 20:54 on Fuji TV. An affiliate of Fuji TV, Kansai TV  airs the same program in Kansai area, but will only air from 20:00 and first one hour can’t be watched on KTV. Because AKB, NMB and SKE will appear in the beginning of the show, people in Kansai can’t watch NMB’s performance. Though KTV will air Hayarin Monroe, a TV show that some of NMB girls appear in from 19:00 to 20:00, which may ease frustration of Ota.

If they would say “New” song, then I would have no doubt that it will be a title track, but because they dubbed it “Latest” song, it somehow makes me doubt if it means MinMinDaha’s song….

Maybe they will perform both a title track and Mousou Girlfriend?
But…. yeah, HQ also tie up many of their couplings with commercials, but what they perform on TV shows are mainly title tracks, so I guess NMB will also play a title track for tonight…..

A front cover of “General Election! Mizugi Surprise! (Swimsuits surprise!)”

I love White Yukirin~~~~~!!
Wait….. their costume…
Same as last year??
Honmayan (It’s true! in Kansai dialect)
It looks they wear the same costumes.