Election winners swimsuits photobook goes on sale on August 1 (and 3 other topics on Sashiko, Reinyan with Nakanishi Rina look alike and Robber at handshake event)

  June 26, 2012

Election winners swimsuits photobook

AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, total 64 members of Senabatsu, Undergilrs, Nextgirls and Futuregirls are introduced in a “cound down” style only in this photobook!! All the excitement of AKB’s general election was condensed into this book!! Amazon
AKB Sousenkyo!! Mizuki (swimsuits) Surprise count down!! will go on sale on Aug 1.


From Rino-chan’s blog

It was like a dream…. I couldn’t have made it without you….
I’m so grateful to you to help realize Idol Ota Sashihara’s long-awaited dream…..
I was seriously outstanding….!!!
I’m moved!!!
Thank you so much!!!

This image is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Sashiko, good job!!
Though this is really a chilling image, it gives me a feeling that Sassy would go to somewhere far a away from us…..

And actuallly she will move to a place far away from us…… Though for some fans in the West, she will come closer to them…..

Ya…… Yamaguchi Riko?!?!?!?

I also could meet with Serina-chan (Nagano Serina from Idoling!!)

Yeah….. actually she resembles her…..

I would never let you utter the word “Riko-tin….”

Uhmmm she also looks like Milky or (NMB’s) Akarin….. kinda….”

Yeah I think she does look like  Milky