More Than 150 Thousands Copies Printed For The First Series of Sale of Yukirin’s 2nd Photobook

  April 17, 2012
Yukirin’s 3nd Photobook “Yu, Yu, Yu, Yukirin….” has been printed more than 150 thousands copies for the first release, Osawa manager announced. 

大澤 剛 ‏ @osawa212 2012年4月17日 – 16:21
Thanks for you all. Kashiwagi’s Photobook has been printed more than 150 thousands copies for the first sales. It’s still topping the Seve Net’s chart. Please keep supporting her. Thank you so much.

By the way, for the first sales of Acchan’s last Photobook, they printed about 100 thousands copies. Yes, Yukirin already exceeded her with this record. (But actual sales is yet to revealed.)

Fans comments include “Osawa must pay bonus for her, so that she can go to makeup school and stop using that vintage mascara” lol

This Photobook is directed by one of the most famous art director in Japan, Michihiko Yanai, and has a sheer volume of more than 200 pages.

This sales number is partly soared by the lottery ticket for her solo concert commemorating the release of the book. But tons of reports say this Yukirin’s photobook will see the record breaking sales of AKB48, which means she could sell as much as copies even without any trick. By the way the sales number of 150 thousands means odds to win her solo concert is one 75th, which sounds not too bad??

In the interview asked about her favorite photo in the book, she said “I love the photo took when we’re in HK. It was taken in the club in Hong Kong, where I visited after the shake-hand event.”
These Hong Kong photos looks different from others, “Yes, I changed fashion, makeup, hair styling for this photoshooting. While other photos shows usual myself, these photos has an impact.”
Your facial expression looks different too, “Yes, it’s totally different. I make emotional or appearing faces but I really make this kind of serious faces with sharp eyes.”
She also revealed during the photoshoot in Hong Kong she caught a cold and was almost unconscious. “That serious face captured my suffering.” she smiled.