Maybe you are looking forward the report of yesterday’s TV show “Ariyohi Kyowakoku”, in which Sashiko and Nogizaka46 fight against. I’ve seen some videos on Chinese website, but not on Youtube or Niconico, so instead, I share the official one.
Asahi beverage’s Wonda Coffee has been featuring AKB48 for their commercial for a long time, and it today released the new TV Ads titled “Hug” accordance with the renewal of the package.

The company uploaded the commercial and making movie on their website, as well.

The highlight of the commercial is 3 different styles of hugs between Takamina and Acchan, Yuko and Mayuyu, Kojiharu and Shinoda. The director note said they were so natural while hugging each other that made the production stuffs smile for many times during the filming.