JKT48 Featured in Japanese Commercial ‘Some Day We Want to Participate In General Election’

  April 16, 2012

JKT48, the Jacarta-based AKB’s sister group, appeared at the press presentation event for their sponsor Tokiwa Medical, today on 16th Apr. JKT48 is the first AKB’s sister group based overseas.

JKT48 performed AKB’s most played song on Youtube “Heavy Rotation” in their mothertongue at the event. They are chosen as the face for Tokiwa’s cosmetic product, “beauty essence – Nameraka Honpo” and have starred in product’s TV Ads.

Today, Japan welcomed 12 of total 26 members of JKT48. One member by the name of Shania said “I’m so impressed that we appear in Japanese commercial for the fist time. I hope Japanese people recognize us more through this commercial” with cute smile. Cleopatra, the other member told her impression on AKB48, “I can’t compare JKT48 to AKB48, since AKB48 is too great.” After expressed her respect for their seniors, she stated their dream, “But I closely followed how AKB48 became so much big, and we are going to pursue them.” “We want to join the general election some day.” Shania added “We are looking forward to the Record Debut within this year.”

Their imminent homework is Japanese. Ayana, whose mother is Japanese, left a funny comment on this “The Japanese word I was impressed the most recently is Doyagao.

Rena and Ayana also mentioned recent earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia, said “We want to cheer up people like by singing songs like AKB48 has been doing for Tohoku.”

As a group, JKT started after the final audition held last December with total of 26 members. They first appeared in Japan at last year’s NHK Ko-Haku Utagassen along with other sister groups. They are also featured in the commercial for Pocali Sweat in Indonesia.

The commercial starts airing 16th Apr, the same day they appeared this event. Thankfully the company uploaded the commercial on Youtube!! (Which is natural since how can the company give no way to watch the Ad for Indonesian fans!!)

Source Yomiuri, Sanspo, Sponichi