[ Bunshun ] Alleged scandal of Sashihara Rino – Full-color evidence photos released!

  June 22, 2012

Identical Student ID card

Student ID card from Bunshun

From TV

Graphic Pattern on Futon is completely identical.

Bunshun’s image
Official images
Design of cushion is completely identical

Bunshun’s image

Official image

Even curtains have the same pattern
Bunshun’s image
Official image
Bunshun’s full article (in Japanese) (English translation) (Tentative dealing from AKB side)

It looks like this T shirt??

orz Even T shirt has been identified….

It’s awful…. she wore live concert T shirt????

Q. I guess that student ID card was fabricated??
A. Fabrication of ID cards is a crime. Corporations will never commit such a crime to make up a scandal of one AKB member

Q. So their evidence is only that student ID card???
A. In TV program, her name “Sashihara Rino” on her student ID card has never revealed.
So why could Bunshun get whole image of her student ID card??
And as they revealed full-color photos, we could confirm that the pattern of Futon, Cushion, Curtain etc. everything is identical to past official images of her.

Q. Can’t they sue her former boyfriend??
A. If they file a lawsuit against him, then Sashihara-side also have to reveal further fact. If Sashihara has something she wants to keep secret, they can’t sue him.

Q. So Bunshun doesn’t have any other photo other than these??
A. This time, they just put full-article from magazine on their website. And that naturally lead the release of full-color photos.
So they haven’t added any further information this time. So far no one knows whether they have further evidence or not.

Either way, we should reconsider why Sashihara herself can’t explain more concretely and deny their article completely? Why she avoid talking the detail by using very vague words?? That the biggest mystery.

LOL Bunhun has no mercy…

Sashihara was crying as she was apologizing in the radio, but it’s rather her fans who want to cry…..
And it turned out she was crying just because her scandal was caught by the Gossip magazine….. it was not tears of apology….

So Bunshun will continue this until Sashihara commits suicide (-゛-メ) ?

But it looks like because of this alleged scandal, she has got tons of job offers, so she may be secretly grateful to them lol

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It looks like they have to pay for their own deed that utilizing Sashihara for marketing HKT but failed to give her a reasonable penalty in more formal way…..

I’m curious how Ohta pro and AKS will deal with this.
To recommend her to voluntarily resign the group (= fired), or to completely ignore this… It’s one way or the other.
Lookin back, Sashihara should have admitted the fact that she was in relationship with him and seriously offered an apology…..and make an offer to resign the group….
They failed to deal with this matter.

……Her parents may want to cry to see how shameless act their daughter committed…

It’s so true…..(´-ω-`)

According to Bunshu’s article, her former boyfriend has more other photos.
They are trying to gradually choke her to death…. It’s so scary to imagine what comes next….

 Multiple photos of their sweet days are saved in Mr.A’s cellphone, including sexy photos in which they are kissing with their faces half hidden, or close-up photos of Sashihara’s legs or upper part of her breasts which she took in her room.

Or will they release “more sexy” photos when Sashihara turns 20, when HKT has got well under way and Sashihara has become completely the member of HKT??

I think what they need to release is 2 shot photos of them…. even 2 or 3 photos can be enough to prove this scandal.
So why Bunshun doesn’t release 2 shot photos? Or actually they don’t have decisive evidence???

Because they can make more money by releasing evidence photos in multiple articles

And her former boyfriend may not want to reveal his face to public.
So…. now it’s all up to her former boyfriend.

This has seriously damaged the whole AKB group, too….
It could happen to other members as well if they were unlucky…

Won’t this give a bad name to Oita???

My Oshi once had a scandal, too….. I’m worrying about Sassy….

Sashihara brought this by her own crazy misbehavior, so I don’t sympathize with her,
But….still I feel the grudge inside me against Bunshun is getting enormously bigger….

So according to Bunshun’s story, this happend right after she was promoted to a regular member after Kikuchi got fired due to scandal….. AkiP also told a lie…

Akimoto Yasushi on G+

Although this happened 3 or 4 years ago when she was still KKS, she is sorry for not have behaved responsibly as a member of AKB48.
I reprimanded her for one yellow card. 

I read the article for the first time…. and let me be honest…. it was so disgusting…. it was completely about her private life….. Bunshun is a shit as well as this guy who leaked her privacy.

As for those photos, it looks like herself as the graphic pattern of the T shirt is identical….. So it’s just that she was lacking consciousness of her behavior.
But that can’t be the reason to allow them to publish those photos!! Consider her age!! It includes photos taken when she was under 18…. It’s violating laws!!

Who said “Thank you , Bunshun”!!!! What the hell did you just say?
How would you react if this happens to your Oshimen??

If this is my Oshimen, of course I would be shocked, but at the same time, I would realize the truth.
Honestly, at this point when we have seen those decisive photos, I can’t believe that there still exist people who say we still can’t admit this is real.

I think those Anti Sashihara better stop bashing her. This is absolutely a sexual crime. No laws allow to publish a photo of her naked breasts without prior permission from her. Bunshun crossed the line.
At this point, Sashihara is a victim of sexual assault. She told a lie to her fans? It’s not that level of issue anymore….

I agree with you. Sashihara should sue Bunshun. She have a huge chance to win based on the violation of child pornography law or Defamation.
But then she has to reveal the detail… how relationship was, whether they had sex or not….
Also she has to admit that she sent these ero pictures to him….
So if she is fine with making everything clear, she gotta sue him and she can become a tragic heroine.
And the price she pays for becoming a queen is a dismissal notice from Akihabara 48 project….

Bunshun does their job professionally…. If she sues Bunhun, then she has to talk about her sexual life as a minor….. then she would never be able to work in mainstream Show-Biz industry…. and even she left this business, she will be stigmatized in Japanese society….