Syncro Tokimeki Sold The Best as a Single by Solo Female Artist in the first half of 2012 (and 4 other stories on Mariyagi, Gachigase, MayuYukirinYuko and Mirurun)

  June 22, 2012

Syncro Tokimeki ranks top in the ranking “Best-Selling Single by female solo artist in the first half of 2012”

From Dec 26 2011 to June 16 2012

1st Watanabe Mayu “Syncro Tokimeki” 155,803
2nd Sashihara Rino “Soredemo Sukidayo” 147,660
3rd Itano Tomomi “Junengo no Kimihe” 92,881
4th Amuro Namie “Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! / Love story” 83,901
5th Mizuki Nana “Synchrogazer” 79,505
6th Mizumori Kaori “Hitori Nagara-gawa” 66,671
7th Amuro Namie “Go Round / Yeah-OH” 64,691
8th Nishino Kana “Sakura, I love you?” 53,676
9th Mizuki Nana “Time Space EP (METRO BAROQUE/PATRY!PARTY! / Zikuu Sapphire / ONE) 52,974
10th Iwasa Misaki “Mujin Eki” 50,691

I hope Jerry Beans will surpass the sales of Syncro Tokimeki!!!

Wasamin is doing fantastic job, too!!

I heard Acchan’s 2nd sold 65K for the first day….. Will it sell 150K?
Can we expect Mayuyu win the yearly ranking??

Really?? But….. We can never underestimate Acchan….

I thought it didn’t include theater version??? (3rd day’s sales of Kimiha Bokuda was 10K copies)
But…. the sales decline of Acchan’s single is no good news for Mayuyu, too….. 

Mariyagi-shan (Nagao Mariya) revealed her Bikini-body!!

from UTB magazine
So she wasn’t allowed to wear bikini until now???
No, because her school had very strict rule.
So she got a special permission for Neomusu/Kami TV???
She was wearing parka while time except the opening scene.

Dance Battle in GachiGase!!!

Tomochin got so serious!! CUTE!!

I don’t know how much viewers rating this episode had, but for me it was so fun!!

Serious Chintomo-san was deadly cute….

Sae-chan was also ridiculously cute.

So…. after all, they don’t have to go quirk, but just doing normal, traditional variety show style is the best….^^

So true, they gotta use their body, not that solely depends on talking!

I absolutely agree with you… It’s by far better to watch members lively moving in the whole footage rather than to be forced to carefully watch the screen to find my Oshi lol

Yukirin, Yuko, Mayuyu

OMG Finally all family members made a cover appearance together!!!

Thank you so much!!
I love the 3 girls!!!

They look all the more attractive when they’re together!!!

Okay I will buy this tomorrow morning!!
By the way… Sony!! Come on!! Why are you so slow!! Please start promotion for Mayuyu soon!!!

LOL She is too cute that I lost my hair… (<- I can't get this joke lol)


Shiroma Miru on G+

I got hungry~~~~


Good Morning~~~ (Ohayoushioni~~~~ *Ushioni)
I will be having a press interview!!!
I had an interview with Kansai Walker-san (City information magazine for Kansai area)!!
After the interview,
with Nana-chan and Riichan,
Lunch, lunch, lunch!!!

Good night(。・ω・)ノ゙ (Oyasumitsumekozou~~ *Mitsumekozou)
Why it’s so hot~~~~~~!!★☆
(Now Japan is in the rainy season and it sometimes gets so humid and warm as if it was Singapore.)

Mirruun… as always, she is non-stop (in doing fantastic job!!)!!
You know, you can see the hanger in the first photo, and that makes the image so real and captivating!!
Looks like NMB’s young stars are growing fine!!
Haru and Mirurun…. NMB is actually even better at growing young players than Hanshin tigers.
Mirurun…… What are you wearing and what kind of posture is this?