Grand Reformation Festival in February & Request Hour 2014 Day 4 rankings

Looking back at 48G member graduations in 2013

Kawaii ha Seigi

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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B-Kei(B系): A synonym for B-Boy fashion. “Kyou ha B-Kei.” (Today, I’m sporting a B-Boy style.)

Behind the scenes of Sousenkyo: Shimada Haruka sobs into Nagao Mariya’s shoulder as Nagao embraces her tightly


Show your style at live concert with Nagao Mariya’s crazy color-changing LED kicks!


AKB48 Members enjoying Catering Chocolate Banana!! Big Fat Banana! Energy Rich Banana! [3topics]


1. Ishida Haruka “It’s so sad that some people broke the rule and record conversation with voice recorder at handshake event” 2. AKB48 Members enjoying Catering Chocolate Banana!! Big Fat Banana!

Virtual Handshake: Can you make it through 20 virtual handshakes with the cute AKB members?


Today AKB48 held handshake event for UZA (nationwide) at Makuhari Messe, Chiba. There were a bit of unfortunate accidents during handshake session. However, thanks to kind staffs, the majority of fans,

Request Hour Setlist Best 100 DVD & Blu Ray get release! Contains “Hashire Penguin” Music Video


AKB48 “request hour set list best 100 2013” DVD goes on sale! ! AKB48 just announced that this year’s Request Hour, which was held at TOKYO DOME CITY from January

6 topics: A fan of Umechan run Tokyo Marathon, received a congrats message from her


Today, it’s Tokyo Marathon! 今日東京マラソンだ! — 梅田彩佳 (@AyakaUmeda) February 24, 2013 By the way, one of my fan told me that he will run Tokyo Marathon, and he said he

AKB48 Members talk about Itano Tomomi, reassured fans that Tomochin has a great personality


This week, AKB48 Members talked about the natural self of “Itano Tomomi” in music TV show “MJ” (Music Japan) on NHK AKB48 members were asked to describe Itano Tomomi in

(Short Random News) AKB Jidousha-Bu Okinawa Special, HKT48 MV, JKT48, NY

8 A 1 hour Okinawa Special for the show AKB Jidousha-Bu (Driving/Automobile club) will air on the 24th at time, 25:55 to 26:55. (So actually 25th at 1:55am) On HKT48’s

Under Girls “次のSeason”, a Coupling song to AKB48 28th Single Uza, announced


” Whoa. this completely the same as the prediction of AKB fans ”

Hitler gets angry about the delay of NMB48 team N's setlist and 2 more about Nagao Mariya etc


” LOL’d ” I LOL’d the most of all Hitler gets angry series lol Especially Mirurun’s part where he drums his chest, emulating. ” I’m so impressed coz some parts,

Takahashi Juri’s Sentaisai, Surprise Birthday Cake present by Kawaei Rina and one more!


. Today’s was Seitansai for my 15th birthday! It was great♥ I love you Kawaei-san! JuRicchan★ .

Majisuka Gakuen Suddenly gets Captivating as Sato Futoshi directed episode starts


. ” So it looks like Peace is the daughter of the head of prison!? ” ↑Some TV magazine already revealed it before. Also, there've been a rumor that Peace is the most likely

Kashiwagi Yuki awarded for AKB48 Cafe's No.1 Menu Kashiwagi Family's BanaMayo-pan and 3 more!


. ” She is doing such a bold thing when she is wearing that Watermelon pants!?!? ” She is showing off the watermelon pants to Yokoyama while she is lying

Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4! AKB48 Team 4 performed Enjoy 4 for the first time


Enjoy 4!! ” Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4…..!! ” It was so much fun!! Team 4’s live concert in Ishikawa!!! 3!2!1!4! This song started from the

LOL pictures of Yokoyama Yui (and 2 more about JKT48 and Suda Akari!!)


“Yuichan Kawaii….. Kawaii…. You’re so cute…..(*´ω`;*) “ “Yuichan Kawaii…. Kawaii….. Whoa!? Yuichan!?!? “Alright. now, I totally understand things you guys love. Maybe you need a kind of photo like this???

Majisuka3 members wrapped up filming


    >I took various photos with Uruse~yo full body photo panel~♪I guess photos Shimada takes are like these?