Takahashi Juri’s Sentaisai, Surprise Birthday Cake present by Kawaei Rina and one more!

  October 3, 2012
Takahashi Juri 10/2 22:47

Today (Oct 2) was the last day of the 14th year of my life!♪

What shall I do?

How old are you now?

Oshima Ryoka 10/2 22:48

I’m 13 years oldヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Tano Yuka 10/2 22:48


Iriyama Anna 10/2 22:54

I’m forever 15 years old♥

Kumazawa SAerina 10/2 22:57

I’m 15 years old♥

Murashige Anna 10/2 23:09

I’m 14 years old (^^)

Yamauchi Suzuran 10/3 0:29

Tomorrow I will join the theater performance\(^o^)/
Besides, it’s Sentansai for my dear girl♥

Alright guys!
I will rock the show\(//∇//)\

This is where the icebreaker Yamauchi comes in!!


Takahashi Juri 10/3 0:34

I love you everyone. I love you so much (T^T)

I’m now 15 years old♪

Takeuchi Miyu 10/3 0:39

Happy birthday Juri!

Shimada Haruka 10/3 6:10

Good morning~~~!

Juri! Akicha-san!

Happy birthday!

I could only find a photo I took with Juri back when she was still Kenkyusei (>_<)

I hope this will be a wonderful year for her ( *`ω´)


Ohba Mina 10/3 10:22

Good morning ( *•v• )

Juritan♥Happpy birthday!

Akicha-san♥Happpy birthday!


Iriyama Anna 10/3 14:31

Happy birthday Juritan♥

Today I’ll join theater performance! Let’s do itる(ง •̀_•́)ง

Takahashi Juri 10/3 14:36

So Annin-san is 16 years old, right?(*゜Β゜)/

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/3 20:42

Juri~ Happy your 15th birthday
\(Oゝω・O)☆★ 祝 ☆★\(〃゚∀゚〃)/♥



Takahashi Juri 10/3 21:57

Thank you♪

Tano Yuka 10/3 21:40

Juri’s Sentaisai was over (^^)

It was a wonderful Seitansai♪

Happy birthday to Juri, from the bottom of my heart♥

Ahhhh Juri is so cute|д゚)♥

Oshima Ryoka 10/3 21:45


Tano Yuka 10/3 21:54

Kojimako-chan is next to me now(*゚∀゚)♥♥

Takahashi Juri 10/3 22:00

Takahashi Juri 10/3 22:00

Oh I made a mistake! I should say Arigatou♪ instead.

Nagao Mariya 10/3 21:38

Juri♥Happy birthday

It was a wonderful Seitansai!!

Otsukaresamadesu, members of Juri’s Seitansai committee!!


Takahashi Juri 10/3 21:46

I’m so happy~~~!!

Thank yo so much for holding Seitansai for me♪

Kawaei-san presented me a birthday cake!

I love you soooooo much!


Abe Maria 10/3 21:51

Happy birthday♥
Yokoyama Yui 10/3 22:04

Happy birthday!

Kato Rena 10/3 22:03

It was Juri’s Sentaisai!!♥”

Juri! Happy birthday(^∇^*)/”

I looooooveee you(^O^)/”


Takahashi Juri 10/3 22:05

Kato Rena 10/3 23:06

Juri is so cute♥
Kato Rena 10/4 0:00


Iwata Karen 10/3 21:55

Juri’s Sentansai was over~~~~\(^o^)/

My peers of the same 12gen are quickly growing←

Today, I realized I also need to work hard to grow(^^)

The video is a surprise cake present after the show!!

Kawaei-san bought the cake★

Juri-cha~~~N, I bet you didn’t imagine that you were made cry at the last of the last moment at the backstage (^^) lol

JURI! Happy birthday!

Please always stay close to me☆

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/3 22:00

I’m waiting it will complete the video processing.

Iwata Karen 10/3 22:12

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/3 22:14

Karen (°ロ°)/\(°ロ°)
Iwata Karen 10/3 22:26

Takahashi Juri 10/3 21:59

Thank you.
Iwata Karen 10/3 22:12

Juri-chan Kiss Kiss (´ З`)♪

Umeta Ayano 10/3 22:03

Good night★

Today was Juri-san’s Sentaisai!!

Happy birthday Juri-san!(,,••,,)♥


Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:11

So who is me?

Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:12

The answer is Umeda!

by Umeta


Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:14

It’s a total lie.

/ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
//・\ /・\\
|  ̄ ̄  ̄ ̄ |
|  (_人_)  |
. n   \_|  n/
(ヨ)       (E)

Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:18

Domo( ˙³˙)( ˙³˙)( ˙³˙)

I’m Umeta

*Umeta’s Galaxy was running out of battery, so Umeta updated from Maeda’s phone.

Kojima Mako 10/3 22:00

Today I joined the theater performance as PonPon-Tai (ポンポン隊)(˘︶˘).。.:*♥

I was so happy by just being able to join Juri-san’s Sentaisai as a backdancer!!

Happy birthday Juri-san, on your 15th birthday!


Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:15

Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:15

∧ ∧How about some Onigiri
( ・ω・) ,.-、 ,.-、
(  ∪ ∪ (,,■) (,,■)

Kojima Mako 10/3 22:17

I don’t want Onigiri(..)
Maeda Mitsuki 10/3 22:17

/ ^ω^ ヽ
_ノ ヽ ノ \_
/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
(  (三ヽ人  /   |
| ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
|( 王 ノ〈
/ ヽ_/  |
|  /  ノ

Kawaei Rina 10/3 22:22

We finished with Juri’s Seitansai♥

Happy birthday~~~(´Д⊂ヽ♬

I took a MC role in the Sentansai,

It really made me nervous.

My hands were shaking(´;ω;`)ウッ…。

But I’m happy that Juri was pleased with itε≡≡ヘ( ´Д`)ノ

Happy birthday, Juri\(^o^)/

Please have a wonderful 15th year of your life♥


Takahashi Juri 10/4 0:10

Today was the happiest day in my life♪

Ohh it’s already yesterday.

Flowers, Presents, Letters.

Thank you so much(#゜Β゜)/

Everyone, good night~

Ohba-san was putting on a basket!

Takahashi Juri 10/4 0:11

The video Letter from Shimada-san was so wonderful, wasn’t it♪



Today’s was Seitansai for my 15th birthday!

It was great♥

I love you Kawaei-san!



Mitsumune 10/3 22:18

I’m so sorry to update less frequently as if this were a means to confirm the existence of me.

Takajo-san, Messi-san (メッシ(目死): Nickname of Takahashi Juri) Happy birthday!

So, from yesterday, the photo exhibition of Joshi Camera (女子カメラ) has been held at Koenji.

Photos I took are also exhibited there, so please visit there if you have time!

And I will join theater performance from 7th. I will try my best.

And I have had my hair black.

Then again Taxi! And I think I’ve been uploading self-portraits for several times in a row! No other photos!

Oshima Ryoka 10/3 22:22


Takashima Yurina 10/3 21:27


And Kaoru!! I can’t remember when we met with each other last time lol

Finally I was given her phone number(´-ι_-`)マッタクモウ

And we took a photo for the first time in a long time(´˘`)♥

She has changed her hair!

From the back, she looked like a boy (・-・)キャハ