Matsui Rena’s G+ photo retouched to make look naked!?

  October 3, 2012
Matsui Rena 10/4 1:04

Good night.

Though I want to watch ロケみつ…. I must give up watching it because I recorded it….



Please someone photoshop this to erase the bra band!!! (*swimsuit strap)

I can see! I can see both are *** when I hide it with my fingers….!!

I love Rena because she knows people can’t sleep when she posted photos like this!!

I know she is saying “Ganbare Cherry boy!!” with this photo…..!


Rena: “Ganbare Cherry Boy!”

Look, I made a necessary retouch to this photo.

What a lame photoshop!

LOL I spewed beer all over my table….

↑ Dman…. I cracked up when I saw these series of photo…

LOL Good lord! SKE48 main thread always gives me a sneak peek of hardcore Ota world….