AKB48’s 41st Single “Halloween Night” first public performance at Music Day 2015

AKB48 members’ cute GIF animation collection!

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

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Funny AKB48 Pictures You Should Never Miss


Keep calm and paste funny photos “You… are you mocking me!?!? “ “Are you stupid?” “Kikuchi-san is scary~~♡” “Magical hand powers!” “Tragedy will befall Tomochin…!!” “Hata Sanpo deshita (It was Hata walking)”

Yuihan’s Tomosatsu: The Rumor She and Suzuran are on Bad Terms Turned out to be Totally Wrong


From Tomosatsu Cameraman Yui Yokoyama   Minami Takahashi “She makes me convinced that it was the right choice to join AKB48” Suzuran Yamauchi “We joined AKB48 in the same audition,

Why Couldn’t Team 4 Stop SKE48’s Big Breakthrough?


1 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木) 11:55:44.47 ID:zOjhScyN0 After all, would Team 4 even exist if it wasn’t thanks to AkiP’s mercy?? 2 :明智光秀 ◆jLh6gHUZvc :2012/05/31(木) 11:56:13.95 ID:CXm4eXTUI It’s because AkiP loves Jurina…. lol 3 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木)

Why Does Haruna Kojima Look so Happy when Dancing?


1 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木) 12:03:54.12 ID:2WhVRQqn0 When she dances, she is like “THE IDOL”!Though she looks dull off stage, she starts exuding the aura of idol once she is on the stage…This

Tie-Up for AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Announced


Unprecedentedly large scale tie-up of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, has announced today. 27th Single Senbatsu members will be featured in Ads campaign of NTT’s “Purara Hikari TV (optical fiber internet TV)”, UHA’s  “Puccho”

Free Magazine ‘Kaze to Rock’ Starts Distribution of It’s May Issue Featuring Yuki Kashiwagi


Kaze to Rock, a music magazine produced by Michihiko Yanai, the photographer and artdirector of Yukirin’s latest photobook “Yu…Yu…Yukirin” starts the free distribution of it’s May issue featuring Yukirin, today

Election Campaign Posters for Sashiko made with iPhone


In this election period, needless to say, on 2channel, popular members’ fans are cooperating each other to support their Oshi-men’s campaign. As smartphone applications have been tremendously developed, nowadays even fans who have no experience in

Kawaii Miichan in TV Drama Series Soup Curry


Minami Minegishi‘s cute looks in TV Drama Soup Curry has been a topic of conversation on 2 channel’s Miichan fan thread. This is her first TV Drama appearance after Majisuka

Glory and Tears of Rino Sashihara


Rino Sashihara has now become one of the top members of AKB48 as she ranked in 4th in the early result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo just as everyone expectedBut according

Seiyu Senbatsu ‘No Name’ Will Make Single Debut In August


New subunit from AKB48, No Name, the group consists of Seiyu Senbatsu members, will make a single debut on 1st August, the source said. The single features Kibou ni Tusite

Harvesting Minegishi (and 3 other topic about Cindy vs Mayuyu, Golfer Suzuran and Mittsu)


After having tried to stop herself from harvesting Minegishi which has grown big enough again and again, KK finally harvest Minegishi to eat(?)!! Kana Kobayashi on G+ Because it received a lot of

AKB48’s Costume Manager Shinobu Kayano Is Having Fun With Sashihara


Costume manager of AKB48, Shinobu Kayano shared a fun moment with Rino Sashihara and AKB48 fans in this morning. Shinobu Kayano on G+ “Hi there! I’m Shinobu. And…. wow! Look!

Miyuki Watanabe: I Want to be a Rival Of Mayu Watanabe in team B


“I don’t want to lose to senior members. I rather want to be an existence that can threaten their established positions.” “I want to be a rival of Mayu Watanabe-san so that when

Sayaka Akimoto Completely Denies Shukan Bunshu’s Article


“Receiving public assistance illegally” has been making Buzz recently in Japan, as one famous comedian who earns more than 500K USD a year has been accused of this.Shukan Bunsyu, a

1st June, Team K’s Stage, We Will Be the Witness of the Grand History of AKB48


Though it’s not yet confirmed, tomorrow, almost certainly, will be the memorial day for all AKB48 fans, as all sources suggest one thing. If it tuned out to be true, you are

Fanmade Election Campaign Posters for Kitarie, Umechan, Takamina, Yukirin and Yuko


Fans of AKB48 never stop their hands moving in this election period!! Some of them have taken idea from famous episodes while some are professionally made with amazing catch copy!! “Give her

Official Trailer of Rena Matsui’s Upcoming DVD & Blu-ray Now on Youtube


Finally it’s a time to buy Blu-ray Disk Player… Rena Matsui, member of popular idol group SKE48, will release DVD & Blu-ray Kingyo Bachi (Goldfish bowl), which contains making footage