Total Result of each 48 group wota’s opinions on the upcoming AKB48 Grand Reformation

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

Kawaii ha Seigi

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

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SKE48 WrapUp: Jurina’s announcement, Fake goods extermination, memetastic Furuyanagi, AKB48 SHOW! shooting & Rena’s photobook news!


I’m so happy beyond belief that I want to tell all of you straightaway!! It has been decided that I will be starring in a movie ♥♡ also… It’s Tekken-san’s

AKB48 Insomnia – Daily Night Randomness


AKB48 girls exhibited some real fabulousness on AKBINGO February 11 episode. Kanon: “Hey… Do you want to see… (something)??” Sweet….<3 Sayanee: “I CAN’T HOLD MY PEE ANYMORE!!!!!” Takamina: “Midnight Explosion!!” #X-rated Naachan:

Iwata Karen’s prank scared the heck out of her senpais ( and other members! )


New project! 「 Let’s prank call other members, LOL! 」 I watched R no Housouku… and I thought that I’ll try this! Look forward to the results! ( ^ω^ )

Give me pictures of members when they are dead tired! Please!!!


Something like this maybe?I can’t hold myself!!Look at Paruru ↓RipopoDude… what kind of fetish do you have… ↑ How come Paruru gets tired if she doesn’t even move…Suuchan is…TomuHungry UnagiYagichanThis

AKB48 32nd Single: Koisuru Fortune Cookie… STAFF VERSION… WHAT?! (+ Tracklisting +Jacket Covers)


Official Video Fan Reactions: WTF IS THIS LOLOLOLOLOLOL What the heck are they doing lolololol Kitagawa (Kenji) looks hell weird! I want Yasusu to come out and do this too!

What does JKT48’s Nakagawa Haruka do during Ramadhan in Indonesia?


During Ramadhan (ラマダン)Muslim People→ During Ramadhan when the sun is out, they can’t eat and drink, after the sun has gone down, then they will start to eat a lot.Christian

[ Light Post ] AKB48 members Graduation Album Pictures from the past! Can you recognize all of them?


A lot has happened in the world of 48 fandom in the past few weeks, so we at AKB48WrapUp thought that we might just lighten up the whole atmosphere by

LOL’d at SKE48 Matsui Rena’s reaction to an adorable little girl


This is what happen during the broadcast of very popular Japanese TV show “Sekai Fushigi Hakken” (Sort of variety show version of Discovery or History channel) Yeah she is cute. She is Nonomura Kanon, daughter

HKT48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Setlist and Photos


Setlist Members G+ posts after the show Togasaki: AKB48 KKS are rooting for HKT48 from the audience seats!! Check out Pancho’s photo reports of HKT48 Budokan Concert Also check out Oricon’s

MechaIke AKB48 Special, Kawaei Rina becomes Center Baka, and other highlights


This is a quick recap of today’s episode of comedy TV show “MechaIke”. Titled “AKB48 Who’s the Center Baka!?” (Who is the dumbest AKB48 member!?), in the show, members take

Let’s watch “MechaIke special AKB48 Who’s the dumbest member? Let’s decide Dumb Center!”


You can watch the show live from the link below. . fengyunzhibo Fuji TV’s director:  Welcome to the tonight’s episode of Mechaike! Today’s show is the special episode! AKB48 term

HKT48 Sashihara Rino’s monthly salary? “If you know it, you’ll come to like me!” & 1 more on Moriyasu Madoka


How much is Sashihara Rino earning monthly? → “If you know it, you will come to like me!” The piano playing of Moriyasu Madoka, the girl with perfect pitch, leave

AKB48 Waiting Stage by the new team A, K and B, Starting members announced!!! (and 4 more)


1. Rena-chan, Don’t use Melonpan as Breast Enhancer Pads! 2. Don’t call us 3 airhead trio! (Kuumin, Yuria, Non) 3. Paruru, FAIL at making a funny face 4. Question to AKB48 girls, What’s

Mitsumune Kaoru owned the portrait battle against Oshima Ryoka and Fujita Nana


” “圧力 (pressure)” LOL ” Mittsu’s counterattack LOL ” Pressure and Chibi….. LOL But can’t say any complaint as she is an awesome artist…. ” *ネ申 camp photo ” Naan

Battle between Fujita Nana and Oshima Ryoka: Who can draw the worst portrait?


” I…. can only sense malice from this picture…. ” ↑LOL I completely agree with you. ” Maestro Fujita’s painting will come out when people least expect it! ” Maybe

Maeda Atsuko Scandal Photo has generated new artistic movement


Original image – Maeda Atsuko, being carried by Sato Takeru “ “ LOL Nothing looks wrong in this photo! “ “Oh wait~~~ Please~~~ I want to dump this, too~~~~!”

Let’s spread “Fresh Lemon”to every corner of the world!! vol.2


 All these photo collages feat. Fresh Lemon are made by one man with Photoshop CS. He made all of these at the requests of other fans who love to see