SKE48 WrapUp: Jurina’s announcement, Fake goods extermination, memetastic Furuyanagi, AKB48 SHOW! shooting & Rena’s photobook news!

  February 19, 2014

SKE48 Matsui Jurina's happy announcement!

Matsui Jurina   02/19 18:14

I’m so happy beyond belief that I want to tell all of you straightaway!!

It has been decided that I will be starring in a movie ♥♡


It’s Tekken-san’s well known masterpiece, Parapara Manga, titled “Pendulum” (振り子), that will have a real-life movie adaptation – and I will be playing a part in it!!

DokiDokiWakuWaku ★☆

Coincidentally, it’s also almost my birthday,
so these announcements, to me, can be thought of as a very very special present (//∇//)

I still have a lot of things to learn from, and I hope to grow from these experiences!!

I will also be wearing a wedding dress!!

I’m thankful that I’m at the age where I’m eligible to marry ♪♪

I’ll work as hard as I can!!

Everyone, this movie is,


( she did a pun here as well lol, Tekken Hikken is a figure of speech meaning “A must see”, but since the creator of ParaPara Manga is called Tekken, this has turned into a Jurina-trademark pun )

Jurina's happy announcement!

Tekken Para Para Manga – Pendulum

Don't even try to sell fake goods!

Us international fans can sit back and relax and just discuss whatever we want about the girls but it turned out it isn’t that “easy” for Japanese wota, because the girls have eyes within the Japanese forums in the form of members such as Matsumura Kaori.

Notoriously known to be outspoken regarding fans’ statement and also managements decision, Kaotan is also a bridge that help fans in getting information right from members themselves. It is this nature of Kaotan that helped the fans when there are someone who spread false info… or false items.

Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:34

This is a little late but
This signball
Is a fake!!

I have confirmed this to Egochan!

For the one who got their bid accepted,
you shouldn’t transfer the money!

This is fake!

A complete rip-off \(^o^)/

Please stop this kind of thing…

11 - 1

Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:35

Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:37

The ball that come up in the auction now is real article, you know

I have asked everyone \(^o^)/

Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:39

Though it is sad that the real one is also being sold, but to gain profit from forgery is unforgivable
Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:42

either way, it’s unpleasant to have them appear in the auction

If this occurrence increases, we may turn to think of stop giving signed ball or colored papers in concerts

Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:44

Daasu’s one is real, I’ve asked and it is
Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:45

since that one, I’m turning sensitive to auction
Matsumura Kaori   2/12 0:47

*huffing angrily

and it may get scary once more member flocked in…

Matsumura Kaori   2/13 10:56

Fake goods found!!

Please cut this out \(^o^)/

This is fraud extermination

13 - 1

written: Let’s believe in a shining future

Gotou Risako   2/13 22:57

I loled, Kaori, I loled
Gotou Risako   2/13 22:57

Let’s just belieeeeveee lolololol
Matsumura Kaori   2/13 22:57


Matsumura Kaori   2/13 22:59

and even Matsui’s characters are written wrong

double fail

Matsumura Kaori   2/13 23:00

Even just by looking you can see how what a complete fraud this is, I’m at a loss of words on those who bid for it
Matsumura Kaori   2/13 23:02

I wonder how you read this?
Abiru Riho   2/13 23:06

This one even without the said member confirming, you can tell it’s fake

Abiru Riho   2/13 23:07

why the heck the pen’s colors are blue and green

Matsui Rena   2/13 23:28

The goods with my sign by the auction is 99% fake. Please be careful.

Matsui Rena   2/13 23:28

I’ll tell the staff, okay 

oi, oi, Renahyon, leave the dirty work to Kaotan LOL

Wait, so 1% is real?? LOLOL

so suddenly she mobilized the commander?

Imperial descent empress

the supreme commander of the staff has a scary image


If she really unleashed Grick, that will be REALLY scary

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