Take a sneak peak at SKE48’s performance and Swimsuit show at Mihama-city Oceanside Festival

  August 4, 2013


About 2 week ago from now, Shinoda Mariko graduated AKB48 ToT, and we all miss bunch of beautiful photos of members she captured and shared with us on her blog and twitter.

Well, but she is not the only one who capture images of members and give us precious sneak peek at true faces of the girls. If it were not for Hirata Rina, a.k.a. Hirari and Matsumura Kaori, a.k.a. Kaotan who have cut off their sleeping time, and even sacrifice thier hair, share videos, where you can find way more depth of members than even extensive documentaries. Earlier this month, Kaotan uploaded a video where she captured sneak peak at SKE’s live performance at Mihama Kaihin Matsuri (Mihama city oceanside concert). And this is actually godly footage! She even included “eyecandy bonus a.k.a. swimsuits show!! The video is FULL HD, baby!!

Kaneko Shiori


Takeuchi Mai

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Sato Seira

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Futamura Haruka


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Minarun being a little awkward this day. Which is not because she isn’t getting along very well with SKE48 members, but because she is so frustrated that she was unable to cater perfect performance for the day’s show as written in her blog. But don’t worry too much! She wrote “I was so concentrated on dancing…. So I’m a little worried if I could see sight of everyone around me while dancing. (skip) But I can say for sure that I had so much fun! I felt so happy dancing and singing to the fullest.”


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Teppei: Host of “Uta-tube” and “SKE48 presents World Conquest Girls”, a good brother of SKE48 girls


source: Matsumura Kaori’s google plus, Sato Seira’s google plus