Tomu! Kaoru! AKB KKS’s performance at Beijing was Freakin’ Cool!!! (AKB got the "best music group in Asia prize at CCTV’s festival")

  August 23, 2012

As I expected, Kenkyuusei’s performance always inspires us!!

That’s great!
When I saw this picture, I was about to think it was Ryochan being in Oshima’s position again,
but then when I looked at it closely it’s actually Tomu

It’s incredible how she was able to turn her chances around.
It’s like she was entrusted with the centre position the moment she ranked in the election, right?

I mean, having Oshima’s position taken by Tomu and Maeda’s position taken by Mitsumune, signals that they both will get promoted to Team A, don’t you think?

They also appeared, in the Mook (Magazine + Book) for the TOKYO Dome concert, in an interview about the next generation Centre.

By the way the line up was:

Shimazaki Haruka(2P)
Kato Rena
Mutou Tomu
Kizaki Yuria (2P)
Mukaida Manatsu
Kimoto Kanon
Watanabe Miyuki (2P)
Yamada Nana
Yagura Fuuko
Kodama Haruka (2P)
Miyawaki Sakura

Oi… are you looking Atsuko? The outstanding talent that will surpass you is right here… Not just few. There’s many.

Tomu sure is getting pushed.
Also, Miyupon is just plainly in a good position.

Tomu’s manner in the centre position is good, isn’t it?
If she continues like this she might get into Team A.
Mitsumune’s presence.
Ryochan’s intensity.
Miyupon’s sweetness.
Mogichan’s calm face pulling.

Even if they made Team 8 just with these members, I would definitely support them!

Even from just the photos, it’s amazing that their charm is really coming through!

This one is awesome!

Everyone looks so attractive in this photo!!

Tomu’s graceful and composed look was an element that was missing from AKB in the past.

The lineup for the future team 8 is starting to form!

How pure they are.
Indeed, idols really have to be like these girls, right?
They’ll always be better than the current Senbatsu members.

Start displaying this team to the media as soon as possible!

OMG, Tomu is playing Center…..!!!
Before the election, she was a kind of member who was not standing out and only noticed by only a small number of passionate fans. Yeah she is stunningly beautiful but was hard to spot…
maybe…. looking back, she would say “That June was the moment, that have changed my life completely”…

How wonderful it looks when Tomu and Kaoru standing next to each other.

Their facial expressions when dancing among other things…
still have a way to go, yeah?

I thought that having Mittsu in the front line would be bad for the balance, but that doesn’t seem so anymore.
Having Mittsu and Tomu as the top 2 would be fresh, new and different from the likes of AtsuYu (Acchan + Yuko), JR (Jurina + Rena) and SayaMiru (Sayanee + Milky).

The significant difference between the current Senbatsu members and them are the history they’ve experienced and shared with fans.
You know, being pioneers is special.
But I have a feeling that I can place my hope on these members more than team 4 members. Partly because they are young, and partly because they give us an impression that they may be going to create the new history of AKB like the current Senbtasu members have created the current AKB.

Because of unbeatable aura of 超選抜 members, it’s understandable that no one can ever stack up to them, by the way. The same can be said of SKE, NMB or any other groups.

Team 4 members used to be raved like this when they were still KKS, but now everyone slams their poor performance.
So we gotta start to seriously compare them with regular members after they get promoted.

11th and 12th generation’s Kenkyuusei’s have better performance skill than 13th, it’s obvious.
When 13th have been decreased by the selection, and now Kenkyuusei Stage is performed by 11th, 12th and 13th Kenkyuusei together,
We can clearly see the difference between 11th + 12th and 13th.
It’s like they prove that they are senior to 11th and 12th members by their more sophisticated performance.

But if you’re talking about their personalities,
As all of you may think, 11th and 12th lack something captivating.
That being said, I think there is an understandable reason of why 11th and 12th promotion had been so delayed.

In that sense, 13gen members such as Oshima have a lot more potential to improve. That’s how I feel.

13th generation's members are so ambitious in a good way.
Especially I’m impressed by how Aigasa Moe hate to lose to others.

Tomu and Kaoru have different types of looks but both have such beautiful faces, (i mean they are “beautiful type” of girls rather than “cute type” of girls)
So Miyupon, who is a cute type of girl and tall, will make a perfect balance with them!

Sure, Miyupon might be an interesting choice!

By the way, think about it, these members were just normal girls when Heavy Rotation was released in August of 2010…
Now the then-normal girls perform Heavy Rotation in front of a large audience in China without any single Senbatsu members….. Man, this is so awesome!

Will Shinoda still want to complain after she sees this outstanding performance!?

No way, it’s too early to judge from these pictures and photos that were taken from a distance….
Though I certainly am putting an incredible amount of expectation on them!!

I can feel the enormous potential from them…!!



  1. anon says:

    ohhhh so promissing, Kaoru-Tomu-Ryoka !!!

  2. Mark Weber says:

    big potential here