Kawaii? Cool? Enough of them! Let’s Talk About Beautiful members!!

  June 1, 2012

Who are “beautiful members”?? I mean girls who are admired by girls.
Kojiharu, Umecha, Mocchi, Annin, Tomu and Nana…..
These girls comes first when we talk about beautiful members??

Airi Furukawa
(team Kll, who failed to pass the audition for Morning Musume twice, in 2004 and 2005, also known to be Anison (Anime song) queen, as well as a huge fan of Seiyu, Yui Horie, also a huge fan of Gundam)

My only and the best pick is Umechan!!
(She also applied to the audition for Morning Musume in 2005. She broke her leg bone in 2006 a little after her stage debut(Shonichi), and forced to leave the stage for 1 year and 5 months. She is known for her outstanding dance skill, which she learned by herself. She is the best friend of Sayaka, Sae, Yuka, and Kana Kobayashi (and Manami Oku), all of them belong to Office48. Recently she made a sensation as she ranked in 14th in the early result of AKB’s 4th election.)

Sometimes Mayuyu looks so beautiful, though I have to emphasize it’s only “sometimes”.

No brainer when it comes to popularity among girls…
(Most of Mariko’s work is not related to AKB, as she has been starring tons of commercials and featured in fashion magazines. She, along with Kojiharu and Tomochin, is often called “Entrance of AKB”. Since she is the busiest member of AKB, so far, she’s never joined overseas activities of AKB. Author of this blog is a huge fun of her, by the way(・・。)ゞ)

(Symbol of team K’s macho image, and the leader of team K, a team which has the most enthusiastic fan base. Sayaka, Umechan, Yuko and Sae are the original members of team K, who are still in the team. She is a half Filipino and half Japanese, and has an exotic face, which once called “Sculpture“. 
She was wearing a jersey suit at the audition. When asked why she dressed like that by AkiP, she answered “I think when I pass, I will pass no matter what clothes I wear.” When she was practicing for the final screening of the audition, looking at her, Yuko Oshima thought “There’s one girl wearing worn-out t-shirt, dancing with peculiar move, and made people around her laughing. I was like “What the heck?” But I heard “AKB is an idol” so I thought she wouldn’t pass the audition.” But after the audition, AkiP and Mayumi Natsu  named Sayaka and Sae as the representatives of 2gen members. At the reformation of AKB48 in 2009, TGSK described her, as follows. “She loves AKB more than anyone else. She can cry for other people.”, and he named her a captain of team K.)
I vote for Masana Ohya.
(1gen member of SKE48, currently a member of team S. She is known to be stingy as she ranked no.1 in “stingy member ranking” voted by SKE members. The idea behind her catchphrase (at Shonichi of Seifuku no Me stage) is her looks and personality which remind of Showa Era despite she was born in Heisei Era. “Heisei Umare no Showa Sodachi, Eien no yumemiru Otome, Masana Ohya desu! (I was born in Heisei, and grown up in Showa. Forever maiden, Masana Ohya!)”)
Among members, Micha is often said to be beautiful.
(Tough she is from Fukuoka, she has been a huge fan of AKB48 since the early period (2006), and that was the reason she applied to AKB’s audition. She debuted together with Aki Takajo at A5th Stage in October of 2008. As Takajo was promoted to team A only 2 months her debut (as KKS), Micha confessed that she felt distress as she thought Takajo went far ahead of her. Only 6 girls passed the audition for 6gen, and only 2 are currently in AKB48, namely she and Aki Takajo.)
(team 4 member, who are good at hip-hop dance as she’s learned it since 3rd grade. The reason she applied to AKB48 audition is because she admires Sae Miyazawa, a senior member of  the dance school where Tano learned. She has been promoted to team 4 at SSA concerts in Mar of 2012.)
(1gen member of NMB48, currently in team N. Though she has no background in dancing and singing, she won the regular Senbatsu position in NMB48 by her effort and talent.)

Just normally think, it’s definitely Sayaka.

(The oldest KKS in AKB48, yet the most famous KKS. Before she joins AKB48, she was a model and maid working at maid cafe. She won the grand Prix in the model audition at Kobe Collection. As she exactly looks like a male role actress of Takarazuka musical, naturally, Mayuyu is an enthusiastic fan of her. She performed Heart Gata Virus at AKB’s Kohaku in 2011, with Paruru and Suzuran. Her stunningly beautiful looks captivated members’ hearts, especially Mayuyu, as she lean forward and blew a kiss to her from audience seats for members on the stage. The famous soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata was at this concert, by the way.)

I think this is the thread for Okaro.
I think this is the thread for Mariko!
Maybe this is the thread for Nogizaka!!
Jurina, Umechan and Okaro, these girls are definitely in this category!!
I think Okaro is in handsome category…
I think Ripopo is beautiful, but is this because she is my Oshi?


I think because of her personality, we don’t have “beautiful girl” image of her, but when look at her in Tsubaki commercial, she doesn’t look pale against other famous models.
Annin looks beautiful, though her bone structure seems to be a bit huge…. so I don’t think she is what we call beautiful in present day.
Her individual facial parts are perfect though.
(Though she self-claims she is from Kyoto, her home is closer to Nara-city than Kyoto-city. Sashihara pointed out this, saying “(because her home is near the border of Kyoto and Nara) You should say you’re from Nara (in your catchphrase)!” Her “official” nickname is Yui, though fans and Yuihan herself loves this nickname as “Yuihan” sounds sooooooooo Kyoto. She couldn’t pass the audition for 2gen members of SKE48 and 8gen of AKB48. What she was lacking was dancing skill. Despite all the expectation that Haruu would be promoted to team K, Yuihan was selected to fill the hole of team K after Erena Ono left the group. The reason behind this is her diligent attitude has gained the respect from original members include Takamina and Mariko. TGSK said “Nobody can speak ill of Yuihan’s promotion if they know how much effort she has done. Her promotion proved that effort will be rewarded, which is our basic philosophy.”)
I think Yuihan recently is getting back her looks!! (simply, she has grown and become slimmer.)
Though many only see her Oppai, Yuka is an also beautiful girl!
(2gen member, currently in team B. Because she is from Osaka, she is sometimes called Takoyaki. (Her catchphrase does refer to Takoyaki). Before AKB, she won many amateur singing contests. She is one of the best vocalist in AKB48. In recent years, she has challenged acting and been gradually expanding her realm of activities to stage musical, movie and Drama. Because of inborn immune deficiency, she’d fought against cancer when she was 2 years old. One of the reason she won over the cancer is because her father was singing, playing a guitar beside her when she was lying on the bed in hte hospital.)