Members Who Have Dramatically Become Beautiful In Last 12 Months

  May 18, 2012
Join the group as junior high school students or sometimes even as elementary school students, AKB48 members will change their looks over years, becoming more sophisticated, and being ‘idol’. When a member has been given a position to shine, she may transform herself into an idol in more orthodox sense while some girls has become stunningly beautiful before we know it.
So in the last 12 months, who has become suddenly beautiful, Kawaii and more like ‘national idol’?
Umechan, probably?
Absolutely, after DiVA, she’s become so much sophisticated as she morphed into an adult beauty.

How about KiraRie? Maybe she is being a different person in this picture, but she may still be KitaRie what we knew most of the time.
Miichan has become more like an idol although she has been accepting the role of her in AKB48 over years.
Long hair and translucent skin has made her an adorable yet attractive girl rather than ‘unique face’. 
Most of NMB48 members has changed dramatically since their debut (or audition), including Akarin (Akari Yoshida,) who is known to be the most beautiful girl in NMB48 for many people.
Among SKE48 fans, it’s said that Kuumin is so cute in the MV of the latest single, Aishiteraburu.
So many people express their admiration for Kuumin, who is absolutely bright in the MV, in comments form on Youtube.
Speaking of SKE48, Rena has been dangerously beautiful these days.
She has also changed her hair style from that flat bang hair. Absolutely a right choice. 
Tomomi Kasai is also said to have gotten back the beauty what she used to possess after succeeded in diet.
Juri has also changed dramatically mainly because her looks had been totally ordinary person?
Now she has started exuding her own charm as an idol.
Haachan’s looks is not exactly the one for idols, but without a single doubt, she has become matured and looks beautiful.
Speaking of matured beauty, Mayu-sensyu’s this year has grown her to an adult beauty, yet she still has her doll-like cuteness, which allows the existence of the perfect idol you can see in this photo.
Every year, her Okaasan shows us how a girl who used to be a just normal cute girl from the courtyside can transform herself into a beautiful butterfly.
Belated transformation into Goddess can be seen of course in Paruru now.
She has finally started exuding the ‘aura’ which is the prerequisite for the top members of AKB48.
High shool girl Reinyan’s goal after AKB is to be a model.
As you may think, Many people speak she’d better to try her luck in the modeling career right now, as she now looks this beautiful.
One of the recent biggest surprise was brought by Harukyan in her Gravure photo for Flash magazine.
 Aamin (Ami Maeda) has been long known for her thick eyebrow hair, but as she grows older, it rather  does her justice than spoil her beauty. In next 2 years, how she will unveil the undiscovered charm of MaeAmi to us?
One of the fishermen (*fish fans) on G+, Wasamin makes everyone’s heart with lovely charm of her she constantly shares with us.
 If we look at members over 20, we realize how far AKB project has come since it’s start in 2006 (Dec 2005).
DiVA members Sae and Sayaka are now more like Beautiful than Kawaii.
Fan made pictorials of Sayaka from 1 and half years of Waratte Iitomo episodes.
So many people has recognized her face and names through this program, and she now has set off to her dream of becoming an actress.
Sayaka from the stage musical Roman Holiday.
Shiichan has also become dramatically sophisticated, but she is still Kawaii ヽ(=´▽`=)ノ