Kojiharu Is And Will Always Be The Most Chilly Idol For Our Generation

  April 19, 2012

Once, like many people, I thought Kojiharu is the only cute girl in AKB48, or I should say I started my career as an AKB fan from Kojiharu. Today Kojiharu is celebrating her 24 th birthday, and Nikkan gave her a special coverage on it’s paper issue to celebrate her birthday in their style.

Along with Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Kojiharu is one of only 3 of 1st generaion members of AKB who has been keeping their Kami7 position for all three general elections. According to Japanese custom, 24 years old is marking the very important point in one’s lifetime, which we call “Toshi-Onna or Toshi-Otoko”. Last year, as AKB has expanded their field throughout mainstream media, Kojiharu was featured in Shiseido’s commercial for “Tsubaki”, which has starred the most beautiful Japanese girl in our ages. Now that everyone recognize her as one of the most beautiful Japanese girl in her generation in the name and in the reality, we all want to know her thought on the upcoming June 4th general election, partly because as Acchan leaves the group, it will mark the turning point for AKB48, and partly because we all know she gets serious when it’s necessary (though I know, we all know she only does so for fans and members, and she never be pretentious in interviews)

“Kojiharu, who is in charge for Visual-side of AKB48, experienced a turning point of her career this year. She was featured in the commercial for Shiseido’s greatest hit ‘Tsubaki‘, which has starred famous Japanese beauties such as Ryoko Hirosue, Kyouka Suzuki or Yukie Nakama.” She said “I try to not do things beyond myself…” as always she is humbled, but her popularity has spread throughout the nation last year. “I feel sorry that me is in Tsubaki’s commercial… but I’m glad that fans were pleased so much with this.”

But she always do things at her own pace. “I don’t do things impossible for me. What I’m doing now is the same as I had been doing before. Nothing has changed.” Ranked No.6, No.7, then No.6, we used to see her name in top positions in elections. “People dub us Kami7, but I can’t feel it real. I want to do things at my own pace, and the way not to be criticized (from doing something beyond her ability).”

Asked about Atsuko Maeda’s graduation, she kept her own soft atitude, said “I don’t think a lot about her leaving AKB48.” Talking on the next election, “I think it’s alright as long as I can be in the position that doesn’t make my fans sad.” she never got pretentious.

Last year in TV Drama “Binan Desune“, she played a kiss-scene. What she thinks about the acting career? She answered “I’d dreamed about being an idol since I was a child, so I don’t think about what I’m going to do next, actually. I do everything for fans.” Always be humble, always be old Kojiharu, always keep her own pace, Dragon Year’s woman Kojiharu is and will be always in beginner’s mind.

Though she starred in famous commercial, though people dub her Kami7, though she turned 24, Kojiharu is and will be always Kojiharu. This sounds like a reconfirmation of what I’ve known since like 4 years ago for me, and now I have a familiar warm feeling about this. How do you think? What Kojiharu as a member of AKB48, as an idol, or as a person you encountered in your life means to you? I love to hear your voices! Sounds off in comments!