Not AKB But It’s Production’s Fault

  April 19, 2012

Following the Nogizaka’s flip-skirt choreo, AKB families suffers another criticism toward the commercial for UHA’s “Puccho” candy, in which 8 of AKB members starred.
BPO announced this commercial attracted many criticism for it’s drastic depiction of how to play with candy (commonly referred to candy-relay).

Since the start of airing 15th Mar, the commercial got so much attention nation-widely, and this BPO’s announce reflects the situation. BPO uploaded the message from viewers on their official websites. These messages includes “Children may mimic the way they eat candy.” “It can be seen as they are playing with food” “It’s bad for hygiene, it makes me sick, I don’t want TV station air such vulgar commercial.”

In Mar, of all 196 messages sent to them in “Opinion on young boys and girls” section, 116 were about this commercial, and most of them stated the disgust for candy-relay scene. 

The commercial has been suspended from TV but can be available on UHA’s official website.
Unlike Nogiza’s case this time even AkiP couldn’t expect the critical reaction from general Japanese TV audience.
On the one hand I think it’s hypocritical to criticize children (audience) mimic this candy-relay thing while we adults do far more nasty things in our life, and also it makes no sense to criticize playing with food when we dump so many food in supermarkets or restaurants or MacDonalds, but on the other hand there’s no message or concept in this commercial other than girly candy-relay, which to me looks slow kissing, though Acchan said she tried not to, making it looks low-quality commercial just to trying to get attention odd way. How do you think? As an AKB fan this commercial made your day? or as a person can you accept this? Sound off in comments!