Cupnoodle x AKB48 – Commercial Song Revealed

  April 9, 2012

It’s announced Piano Solo music by Sakiko Matsui (松井咲子) will be used for coming new commercial for everyone’s staple food, Nisshin Cupnoodle!!

Sakiko is now attending Tokyo College of Music, majoring Piano. She is a member of Team K of AKB48.

This announce is made on AkiP’s G+ as usual, and he wrote “This is a really good song”.

The commercial is starring 5 members of AKB48, including Atsuko Maeda(Atsuko Maeda 前田敦子), Takamina(Minami Takahashi 高橋みなみ), and Palulu(Haruka Shimazaki 島崎遥香).

Reminder: This new commercial for Cupnoodle is to be pre-released on Cupnoodle official G+ page 9th Apr, starting with Atsuko Maeda Version. TV on-air will be start on 14th. There’re also photos of making of the commercial on their G+ page. This is pretty much the reason you to jump on G+ ship and start G+!! Don’t miss it!! :))

Sakiko Matsui (松井咲子) G+
CupNoodle G+