[ Bunshun ] AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS President’s house

  April 23, 2013

1. Shukan Bunshun reports AKB48 Kasai Tomomi’s scandal – Sleepover at AKS’s President’s house

2. Shinoda and Kasai never talk to each other since…

3. Mr.Kubota has meals with members 300 days a year


AKB48 Kasai Tomomi – Unable to wait until the graduation, the betrayal to her fans


AKB48 Kasai Tomomi slept over at AKS’s president Mr.Kubota’s house (with evidence photos), Shukan Bunhun reports in upcoming issue of their magazine.

*Kubota: President of AKB48 group’s management company AKS, entrepreneur.


Let us introduce protagonists of this captivating story. The man is Kubota Yasushi, the head of AKB48  group’s management company AKS, great entrepreneur who created this enormous idol group from the ground. The heroine is Kasai Tomomi of AKB48, who has kept high popularity in the fandom. She recently made a headline with her revealing alleged child pornography Gravure photo, but anyway, she announced her graduation after that fuss. She is scheduled to graduate AKB48 on May 3rd and already wrapped up her final handshake session as a member of AKB48.


There is a reason why we haven’t reported AKB’s scandal for a while. After we reported Minegishi Minami’s sleepover or Kashiwagi Yuki’s Gokon Party with football players, the car numbers of our reporters were known to AKB’s members and staffs. They started being very cautious to us and it made our investigation a bit harder.

But of course, that was not enough to convince our reporters to give up.

Camping and staking out all day and night, we finally spotted Kasai Tomomi of AKB48.

“She is a member who is in charge of ‘stripping’. She was chosen for ad campaign of Peach John along with Kojima Haruna and Oshima Yuko. In short, she has appealing breasts and sexy body shape.”

The former member of AKB48 says, “The relationship between president Kubota and Kasai has been rumored for a long time. But of course, no one can’t dare to ask them about that. It has been one of taboo in AKB.”

Kubota is a son of billionaire.

His father runs a electronics components manufacturing company. As everybody knows, AKS is acronym of Akimoto, Kubota and Shiba. Akimoto is a producer of the project, Shiba takes care of management, and Kubota is in charge of financing.

He borrowed 2 billion JPY (20 million USD) from his father and founded a company called AKS.

Kubota is a president of AKS and a sponsor of AKKB48 project. He is a horse owner and own lots of race horses. Many of horses he owns have a word “Dragon” in their names.

We are not sure why, but his apartment – located in Meguro district, Tokyo – also has the 6 letters “DRAGON” in it’s name.

The apartment has three floors and mutual friends in the industry are living on each floor.

But this place is not his main home. His main home is located in Kobe, and he spends weekends there with his children and wife.

Kubota is usually very calm and gentle person, but has supreme power in AKB project. Once, AKB was about to cut all the dealing with one publisher because they made Kubota angry. People around him has no choice but just bitterly smile and say “You know, he is a spoiled brat. Once he gets mad, no one can handle him…. LOL”

But he has gentleman side, too.

He is called “Fruits Uncle” by AKB members.

26 - 3

Matsui Rena 2012/10/19

Mmmmm! A mountain of fruits!

Thank you, thank you so much!


“YasuKubo (Nickname of Mr.Kubota)” randomly shows up and give some stuffs to members and staffs. Like assorted choice of fruits or Yakiniku Bento that he buy at his favorite osh Yakiniku restaurant.

He goes shopping, having meals with members and many of members love him.” said a former staff of AKB48.

As we previously reported in 2010, Kubota allegedly had inappropriate relationship with his favorite member Shinoda Mariko, but the rumor of his relationship with Kasai started to be surfaced only a couple months after this previous report.