The Name of Character that Shimada Haruka plays in Majisuka 3 is…… (and 3other stories on Acchan’s Sentansai and Majusuka’s theme song)

  July 11, 2012

In Majisuka3, Shimada Haruka’s character’s name is….. “Uruseーyo (Quiet, you!!!)”

From Magazine TV Guide,
・Ohba: ダース(DaーSu / Dozen)
・Yagami: 小耳 (Komimi / Small ear)
・Shimada: ウルセーヨ (Uruse~yo / Quiet, you!!!!!!)


Which country is she from lol

So we can watch noisy Shimada, can’t we?
This is going to be MUST-Watch!!!

This is gonna be a representative work of Shimada!!!

Yasusu….. he is genius!!!

Opening theme song of Majisuka3 “Ponkotsu Blues”……. lol

Ponkotsu Blues….. lol

Opening theme song
“Ponkotsu Blues” (King Record) Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi, Song: Fukuda Takanori(? I’m not sure how to read his name), Performed by AKB48
Ending theme song
“Douki (Motive)” (King Record) Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi, Song: Fukuda Takanori,
Performed by AKB48(Ponkostsu: unofficial nickname of Paruru, which basically means dull, incompetent, vigorless and indifferent)

LOL I was thinking this is a total lie, but then I found it’s real!!!

No way~♥ Uruse~yo, then Pokotsu Blues…. they are fooling around too much ^^

Ponkotsu Blues… lol So Paruru will be a center of this song!?

Rock’n Roll→Soul….. then they go with Blues this time!!!!

Acchan’s Sentansai – Video Clip

I picked this up from Acchan fan thread~~~~!!!

Thank you so much ^^

Thank you….. I can feel Mariko and Takamina…. It’s impossible not to cry….

NHK’s exective producer Mr.Ishihara sneaked into Acchan’s Seitansai!!!!

Mr. Ishihara!!!

This is power abuse!!! lol

LOL This is our fellow hardcore Ota, producer Ishihara!!!

And the guy sitting next to Mr.Ishihara looks like Aoki-san for Flash (magazine)??

I guess this kind of adults are paying for members job-well-done parties etc…..

I think at least those things are paid by AKS.
Probably Aoki and Ishihara’s table is for adults.
Probably Kitajima (Employee at Akimoto Yasushi office) or Kijima (Dentsu!!) are sitting in the same table?

Ishihara-san….. How deep you are into AKB48…. lol

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I will use IshiharaP instead of full name of this NHK’s Executive producer Mr. Ishihara Makoto Shin  from later posts.