Acchan To Sing Theme Song For Movie ‘Love Masao-Kun Ga Iku!’

  April 25, 2012
Masao-kun and Acchan

Acchan has picked to sing a theme song for Shingo Katori (Smap) starring movie “Love Masao-kun ga Iku!”, it’s announced. Acchan, who got this offer will sing the song titled “Kimi ha Boku da (I feel you as myself)” written by AkiP.

This movie is based on the famous section of TV program, which features animal pets. Acchan, who loves animals and has been living with 6 dogs and 3 cats, said “I’ve watched this program, and I’m glad to be involved in this Dog movie.”

Director of the movie Kentaro Otani said “This is exactly the theme song for the movie. (skip) As this song played at the last scene of the movie, it makes impression of the story hundreds time more. Thank you Acchan for this amazing love song.”

Acchan’s 2nd single “Kimi ha Boku da” will be on sale 20th June.

Source: Cinema today