Karen Iwata To Sing Charity Song Solo For Earthquake-Hit Area, Her Home

  April 24, 2012

On 23th Apr, it’s announced Karen Iwata of AKB48 sang a theme song for Charity Project “Asuhe (For Tomorrow)” For The People Suffered from “Tohoku Great Earthquake”. Karen Iwata, 13 y/o born in 1998, was at her home in Sendai on 11th Mar last year before she joined AKB48 later on. Karen commented “I want to repay people in EQ-and-Tsunami-hit area by delivering them courage.”

The song “Hana ha saku (Flowers are blooming)” is composed and arranged by Maestro Anime-song composer Yoko Kanno (seach Youtube 菅野よう子), and written by Movie Director Syunji Iwata. The CD contains this song will be released 23th May. The CD comprises of 4 versions of the song, performed by Hana ha saku project, Karen Iwata, Members from Little Singers from Tokyo respectively.

The normal version of CD is sold for 12USD (1,000JPY) and limited edition is for 18USD (1,500JPY). Limited edition comes with DVD contains MV of 2 versions of the song performed by Hana ha saku project and Karen Iwata. The portion of the sales (all profit) will be donated to the Tsunami-hit area through NHK’s management body for charity and cultural activities.

Hana ha Saku project – song-list

1. Hana ha Saku performed by Hana ha saku project
2. Hana ha Saku   performed by Karen Iwata
3. Hana ha Saku   performed by Members from The Little Singers of Tokyo
4. Hana ha Saku instrumental

【DVD】※only comes with limited-edition (=first-edition)
1. Hana ha Saku 〈original full-version〉
2. Karen Iwata sings Hana ha Saku
3. 〈bonus visual〉Making and behind the scenes of Hana ha Saku(documentary of 10days filming session)

Hana ha Saku project is formed by people who have close relationship the Tsunami-hit area. Sayaka Nakaya from AKB48, who was born in Iwate, one of the 3 hardest-hit prefecture, also joins Hana ha Saku project.

She is about half as old as me, yet she has an air that commands respect. I can’t believe 13 y/o girl can state such a strong remark. She is so humble in this video yet she looks she has an iron backbone. 
“My dream has been Broadway, but I never intended to be a member of AKB for that dream. But for some fate, I could meet members of AKB49, I think I am having so precious experience with them. This is the important step for me to go toward my dream. I am always telling myself to make the best of this opportunity given by people.”