What Is The Best Song of No Sleeves?

  April 2, 2012

AKB48’s spin off unit, No Sleeves has three of the group’s prominent figures, Kojiharu, Takamina and Minami Minegishi.

The 3 girls are main vocalist of AKB48, so naturally No Sleeves has tons of nice songs. It’s really difficult for fans to pick only one as their best song, since all of their songs pass a certain level, and fans of No Sleeves are basically hardcore fans of it’s three members.

So here we introduce some of their most successful numbers, and let you decide your own favorite (:

“Kimishika… (Only you…)”

Personally I think main part of this song sang by Kojiharu is sooo heart-touching.


This song is a little bit off from their usual tune, and fairly undervalued. But for the same reason this is favorite tune of some fans.

“Tane” (Seed)

If you desperately want something cute, this video is the best prescription for you :))


It’s little bit hurting to see the girls sing this high-picth tune. This is one of the most famous number of No Sleeves and sang at concerts very often.

“Girl’s Talk”

Girl’s Talk is a recently created Japanese word describe talk between girls on boyz or girly things.
Understandably this song got so much popularity among girls fans.

“Bye Bye Bye”

Costume they wear for this song reminds fans of AKB48’s early days and sweet memory of these days…

By the way, while youtube remove most of AKB48’s songs due to copyrights issue, we found many of AKB videos on Chinese Video Sharing site. Not just AKB videos but they are with Chinese Subtitles!!!

Some fans suggested AKB48 become pop icon more likely in China than in U.S. We don’t know much about what Chinese fans prefer, but while Korean Pop become sensation in America and South East Asia, some people who can read Chinese suggests Chinese People much prefer AKB48 to Korean, or more generally speaking Japanese Kawaii culture is perceived more like as a Main Stream Culture than as a weird thing, which is pretty much general American’s perception.