Korean Fan made The Elaborate Ranking of Girls Pop Group in Japan

  March 30, 2012

A Korean fan made this amazing ranking sheet of Japanese Girl’s group and posted in on online forum.

This ranking is based on record sales, and interestingly, some Korean groups are ranked in high positions, including famous names such as Girls Generation, KARA and T-ARA (though T-ARA is still far behind the first two).

Obviously , AKB family is by far the King not only among girls group but whole Japanese music industry. It’s the only group (easily) tapping a million of first week sales. The Korean described AKB as unbeatable 4 dimension wall.

KARA, breaking the record sales of foreign music act set by Girls Generation with their album “Super Girl” selling 270 thousands copies for the first week, looks like ranked top among Korean groups. Girls Generation also recorded more than 200 thousands sales with their album “Girl’s Generation”, and ranked little lower than KARA.

There are several other Korean groups ranked in the list including 2ne1, Afterschool, and rainbow, though they are selling a lot fewer than KARA and only known to small communities of serious Kpop devotees.

This well-made ranking well confirms there are still a chunk of people enjoy K-Pop in Japan, after seemingly severe decline of the “Korean Boom” totally swept away by AKB48.

We are very curious what it would look like if this was a ranking of boyz pop group. When you talk about K-pop in Japan, every credit goes to JYJ. They made a firm foundation of female fans in Japan. We should note that their Japanese is actually amazing. It’s so sad 東方神起 ended up breaking up, but they are still popular in Japan because of so many loyal fans though it’s unlikely they will keep current level of popularity since they’ve lost almost all media exposure they used to have.