2NE1 – Japanese Got Furious About HIS Taiwan Campaign Song

  March 30, 2012

When it comes to Taiwan, Japanese can’t be more friendly when it comes to Korea, many Japanese have complex feeling.
Coming HIS, the Japanese travel agency, launch the commercial promoting Taiwan. Taiwanese Actress Lin Chi Ling will star the Ad. So what’s the problem?
The problem is… the song used for the TV ad. Korean band 2NE1’s first Japanese song “Scream” will be used in the Ad. On top of that, but I personally think this is not a problem since he is korean-Japanese, the song’s lyric is written by Verbal of M-flo, who is also Korean descent.
After the announcement of HIS’s choice of the commercial song, literally, all of Japanese were reacting negatively via Twitter, Facebook, and online forums.

“What the hell is 2NE1, I can’t even read it!”
“This is a commercial for our dear Taiwan, why the hell Koreans are involved in this!?”
“They look like circus pierrot!”
“Who could enjoy this crazy thing!!”
“Kpop for Taiwan trip? No way!!”
“Is this the act of some crazy Koreans who are jealous about the friendship of Taiwan and Japan?”
“Do they really not know Taiwanese hate Korea just like Japanese do?”

Given the hatred feeling some Japanese hold toward Korea and our love and gratefulness for Taiwan, and HIS’s nonsensical choice of the music, I guess this commercial could draw a lot of complaint from audience.

It is just a dick move to add fuel to the fire, causing really an unnecessary problem.

These photos of 2ne1 shocked some Japanese