Cool Collaborations, Involving Japanese Brands

  March 28, 2012

Quick sharing of a few cool stuffs I found online.

Fredperry & MedicomToy

This year is 60th anniversary of Fredperry, and they are delivering some special stuffs to commemorate it. This be@rbrick toys, which are styled in Fredperry way, are coming as one of those items.

Be@rbrick is a name for famous bear figure doll made by medicomtoy. Be@rbrick usually makes double-name toy with famous characters or brands, such as Ape camo, Doraemon, and Sonic, Rirrakuma.

 Source: Highsnobiety, Hypebeast

Mihara Yasuhiro & Puma

Japanese Shoe designer Mihara Yasuhiro worked with Puma on this sneaker, named MY-59. This somewhat of reminiscent of Reebok Pump-fury sneaker is not his usual craftsman style, and, personally, not that cool… But since Pump-fury is one of the coolest sneaker I saw in my life, I put this shoes here as an homage to PF.

Source: Highsnobiety

c.e x Bounty Hunter T-Shirt

Sk8thing’s new brand c.e has teamed up with Bounty Hunter on a collaborative graphic t-shirt. The tee features a large black/white graphic on the front and is expected to release April 2012 at stores.
Bounty Hunter’s designer is an fabulous Japanese guy.

Source: Highsnobity

Bape Camo & G-Schock

I’ve not a huge fan of Bape, but I love their shop design. And their staffs are really nice even it’s obvious I don’t buy anything at their shop. (Maybe it’s because they have plenty of holidays and work relatively short. Since almost all items are sold out in a minutes, they usually don’t have many stocks to sell..)
Anyway, since I love G-shock, and Bape’s nice staffs, put both together, of course there’s no reason for me not to like this watch.

Source: Highsnobity

Nike Air Max 1 ‘Black Leopard’

This is nothing to do with Japan, but Air Max 1 was a huge sensation in Japan back in mid 90’s. At first I thought it looks too low-tech, but gradually I understand this never-be-out-of-style design, which is an archetype of modern sneakers.
Personally I feel this custom model has 80’s and early 90’s flavor, more specifically, Run DMC, or N.W.A. But trends are gone and back. I’m not surprised if LMFAO put this sneakers on in their next MV.

Source: Highsnobity

One Piece x UBIQ Fatima – Tony Tony Chopper Edition

Finally, we have pure Japanese pop culture here. To commemorate it’s 15th anniversary, Manga ‘One Piece’ Japan-based sneaker brand UBIQ release their new line which has drawn inspiration from Tony Tony Chopper. The shoes have a many traits of him as well as iconic image or symbols of the Manga.
But it’s a mystery why they chose Tony Tony Chopper?? Maybe they wanted it suede upper…

Source: Freshness

Comme des Garcons Shirt x Pointer Chester

It’s difficult to justify spending 100 bucks for this simple shoes, but I guess it would be a nice match for Comme des Gracons’ loose fit style. Pointer is a London-based shoe brand.

Source: Fressness