AKB48 will be in Japanese Textbooks

  March 28, 2012

Japnese ministry of Education and Science announced the inspection result of high school textbooks, which will be used from next spring. Everyone knows Japan is really big in pop culture scene. So, guess what? The biggest surprise, or maybe it’s not totally natural to people who KNOWS Japan, comes in Music and English textbooks. AKB48 appears in them.

AKB48 appears both in a text and photo, in the scene to introduce Japanese Pop Culture to people from overseas.

Other pop figures includes boyz pop group Smap, Arashi, and music group ‘IkimonoGakari’, whose song ‘Arigato’ was an enormous hit in 2010, which was literally equal to or more than ‘Baby’ and ‘Poker Face’ and ‘You belong with Me’ all combined.

About 24% of all textbooks is to mention Tohoku Great Earth Quake and Tsunami in various context, such as science, economics, and housework (=one of the subjects in Japanese school).

this is gonna change boring class?

source: Sankei