AKB48’s 41st Single “Halloween Night” first public performance at Music Day 2015

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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How to vote in 2015 AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo


There are only 3 days remaining until the voting deadline for AKB48’s 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo – and if you by any chance still have a voting tickets laying around not

Sashihara Rino’s book – Gyakutenryoku – now in English!


English speaking 48G fandom, rejoice! If you’re a fan of Sashihara Rino – heck – even more reasons to rejoice! The one and only Kenneth Uy from New School Kaidan

How to vote in 2014 AKB48’s 37th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo


How’s everyone faring with the Sousenkyo preliminary result that was released last week? Reactions from fans all over the world have been quite… mild? I’m not sure how to put

How to register for a SNH48 Fan Club Account


Apparently, being an SNH48 Fan Club member gives you a lot of privileges, therefore I have decided to make a tutorial for that, as everything is in Chinese. Some parts

Oshima Yuko’s 10 best and most memorable moments as an AKB48 member


Considering the fact that Yuko is about to graduate from AKB48 very soon, I decided to write this article. This is a tribute to Yuko, one of the most dedicated

Who is Chikano Rina?


AKB48 Daisokaku Matsuri (Grand Reformation Festival) had its highlights with the three aces from SKE48, NMB48 & HKT48 converging in one team, the full transfer of members between the sister

What is KSGK? Here’s everything you need to know – “ksgk Relationship Diagram” by ksgk members!


ksgk Relationship Diagram Wait, I don’t know what ksgk stands for yet. Can you give more context? ksgk photo gallery ksgk family Izuta Rina (Not ksgk Senbatsu), Tano Yuka, Oshima

Who do you think is on the cover of the 15th volume of AKB49 (manga)???


Fan Reactions: Since I haven’t read it for such a long time, I’ve no idea how far the story has progressed or what kind of story it’s developing into, but

K-pop and AKB48: Why K-pop is playing a losing game against AKB48 in Japan


When you talk about the biggest indication of AKB48’s popularity, what you bring on the table? Record sales, the number of fans gather at handshake events, or Tokyo dome concerts

You’re wasting your life as a fan of AKB48 by not watching Theater Performance in person?


” There’re too many boring songs in theater setlists. Why they don’t make a setlist that mainly consists of songs from singles? Everyone knows them and they’re good songs, too.

Togasaki and Saruobasan Interview ~ The past and future of AKB48


-First of all, let me ask how you’ve become involved in AKB48? Togasaki: “My name came up when people were talking that ‘Akimoto-sensei will start the new project, gathering many

Japanese Copyright law revised, now illegal downloading is crime too and one more


. Checking illegal content by scanning wavelength of sound or image analysis ” ((´д`)) ” I guess from this October, piracy content from China will be widely appreciated in Japan. ” If uploader processed

Another legendary episode of Itano Tomomi, and 2 more!


She once again has increased lists of he legendary episodes…… I missed the show. Please can you just quickly sum up what happened?? Ogune~ (おぐね~) snapped at Pikako (ピカ子) →Pikako

Income ranking of AKB members: Money-wise, election results doesn’t matter that much!


These days, when it comes to the word “election”, AKB48’s general election has become tremendously popular that sometimes people have an impression that it’s more popular than the national elections. And this

How did you become AKB Ota / Fan? Share your story with us!


“ I’ve got interested in AKB48 from Mariko-sama in the TV Ad of So-net. As soon as I watched the commercial, I searched it to find out who’s this girl.

AKB Songs That Have Kami-Intro vol.2


“Sweet Child O’ mine “Wow I know an intro you might like, it’s Mangekyou by SKE. I think it has something similar tune to Sweet child. By the way, my

AKB Songs That have Kami-Intro


“Tell me you guys/Ota~~~~~!!!!“アイヲクレ/Aiwokure A6th Mokugekisya 12th song “DMT/Dear My teacher A1th Party ga Hajimaruyo 3rd song 竹内先輩/Takeuchi Senpai H1th (Himawari-gumi) Boku no Taiyou 10th LOL How many times you