You’re wasting your life as a fan of AKB48 by not watching Theater Performance in person?

  October 18, 2012

There’re too many boring songs in theater setlists.
Why they don’t make a setlist that mainly consists of songs from singles?
Everyone knows them and they’re good songs, too.

Most of songs that make me cry are from theater setlists, actually…

The trend is that it’s right to praise theater songs and label someone who praise songs from singles as a noob.

↑You nailed it, but it’s also true theater songs are far better than songs from singles if you can appreciate their “story”.

The most boring moment in live concerts is when they start the so called “single medley”.

Perhaps Shonichi is a special song for Mayuyu Oshi, just like KIZUNA for Oshima Oshi.

I lol’d when I watched a video where Takamina dressed up like Ninja while swinging a sword.

↑Yeah, though I can understand that she is serious, it’s a kind of embarrassing even for Takamina Ota.

I can understand that there’s a huge gap between good songs and boring songs.
But how about these songs?

Dear My Teacher



VIVA! Hurricane

↑You know the stuff!!!

↑x2 Boring. As a light Ota, i don’t even feel like listening to these songs.

So you don’t know the fact until Oogoe Diamond, AKB’s singles are the single cuts of theater songs?
Of course, Oogoe Diamond is also a song from the theater.

I don’t think there’re any good songs in theater setlists, but I think it’s totally wrong to judge theater songs one by one. You’ll know the true charm of them when you come to watch performance at the theater.

I think “to be continued” is a song that you can enjoy even when you’ve never watched the actual performance.

Only today is the godly song.
The tune is bright, but the lyrics are very deep. You’ll never get tired of listening to this song.

Frankly speaking, Team B Oshi is an awful song. However it has a whole different meaning if you watched the theater performance in person and recieved eye contact from your members. But, of course, it doesn’t feel nice to see your Oshi make eye contact with other dudes

I watched Wimbledon performed by HKT,
and figured this was what Akimoto was trying to do with this song.

The tune is a classic idol tune,
The lyrics are a sort of daydream of early teenagers,
thus HKT girls are the ideal for this song.

On the contrary, I think there’re many songs from theater that don’t match cast, and spoiled the charm of songs as well as the girls.

AKB Sanjo

Saishu Bell ga Naru

Suifu ga Arashi ni Yume wo miru

↑Saishu Bell!!! I hope this song will make it in Request Hour!!

I think theater performance is supposed to be enjoyed by both watching and listening. As far as I’ve experienced, it’s felt totally different if you watch the performance in person, which is totally natural.

Stand up

Suki Suki Suki

Kimi ga Hoshini narumade

I’m surprised at the fact there’re people who feel this way!!
Maybe if you don’t watch theater performance live in person, it’s hard to become attached to the theater setlists?

I think “Ai no Stripper” is a kind of song that is included in A6th, but unexpectedly, it’s performed by B.
Anyway, though over all, A6th is not highly appreciated by fans, I love it’s non-unit songs.

Honestly speaking, it’s impossible to make a setlist for concerts with only songs from singles. The same is true to Request Hour.

The current setlist “RESET” has only good songs actually