SNH48 theater, the real life 0048 theater!?!?

  September 29, 2012

I kinda feel I finally could find the light of hope, after I've been devastated by the dismal news about SKE…(´;ω;`)

This is awesome…!!

Will members pop out from these circle areas!?

※This is a CG image, not the final product.

AKB 0048 theater

LOL at fake columns~~~!!

So they will hold guerrilla live concerts in the country where Japanese entertainment is banned…?

I want to protect members, so when will you guys start military training for WOTA?

↑Please prepare 痛(Ita) battle suits at your own expense before you join the training.

I thought this is new SKE theater but then found that this is SNH!!





  1. cryt says:

    wow, the building reminds me of a Hollywood movie premiere event.

    Very luminescent with the skylights, window lights, and circle platforms. Seems the design concept was to make every corner of the theatre shoot out lights, hope it don’t outshine the members. I wonder if the glass rooftop is solar panels?

    lol, they even incorporated the twin columns in its stage design…. look like the palm tree designs on some Las Vegas club.

    0048 theatre seems more like battle arena, very sleek and rigid mechanic design. But SNH48 theatre is what happens when you mix Disney with Las Vegas.

  2. wow! Aki-p making efforts for Chinese. I just hope both countries become friends again

  3. AF says:

    Interesting concept.

  4. NAMBA48 says:

    I wonder how much ticket price will be…

  5. 000 says:

    as expected as the richest country, AkiP parther in china maybe the richest man in SNH

  6. nanatan says:

    I think the overseas group are true stories about 0048… JKT48 too, in Indonesia they are “battling” with a group of people who did a lot of bad things under religious cover…. this group of people oftenly ban arts or entertainment for reason “threating the religions aspects”…. 🙂
    Hope the best for SNH ^^