Kawaei Rina to appear in TV commercial for Cup Noodle Real vol.3!!!

  September 22, 2012
Cup Noodles 12:53 9/22

【Your Vote will decide the new TV commercials for Cup Noodles!】

Votes from Google Plus users will decide which commercials for Cup Noodles “Real” vol.3 (start airing from Oct) will be aired on TV.

This time, we’ve filmed more than one footage for each member who will stat this commercial. This time, the members are Itano Tomomi-san, Matsui Jurina-san, Miyazawa Sae-san and Kawaei Rina-san.

The footage of each member that gains the most votes in the poll will be aired respectively.

Voting period will end at 18:00 of Sep 24!
Please make the change by your vote!!

*Each member has 2 versions of footage except Itano Tomomi, who has 3 versions


Itano Tomomi – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-A

(Interview in the room)

It becomes a (cake) Tree. At first, we started from the same level. 

(Footage from Tokyo Dome ~ Day one “Aozora no sobaniite”, Day two “Darekanotameni”, Day three “Kokoniitakoto”)

And gradually the 6 original members (1gen + 1.5 gen: Maeda, Takahashi, Minegishi, Kojima, Shinoda, Itano) were elevated to the top.

(In the room – Walking together with 1 & 1.5gen members on the stage of TD)

I realized, “Ah, we are 1gen members….” That was….. where I was moved….


Itano Tomomi – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-B

I don’t think I can nail something that I can’t be confident of.

(Footage from Tokyo Dome)

So… Though I think it’s important to be praised by others.

(Interview room – Footage from Tokyo Dome)

 I think when I achieved my set goal, and when I can credit myself for what I’ve done, I can feel that I’ve improved myself. So I would like to increase things that I can be confident of.


Itano Tomomi – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-C

(Tokyo) Dome is the dream, or one of dreams, so we were bound up with it until we’ve achieved it.

As AKB48, or as an individual person, what should I/we aim at for the next?

But once I find it, I will stick to it.

Matsui Jurina – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-A

(In the bus for Nagoya Station – Shinkansen – In a bus running a street of Tokyo, reading a script – Recording studio – Lesson scene)

I do what I love to do, and many people watches it.

And if they tell me like “It gives me energy” “You work hard always”,

It makes me so happy. Somehow, it will be my energy source, too.

I, you know, find it so happy to be able to work as SKE48 or AKB48


Matsui Jurina – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-B

I think now I’m really happy that I can see the backs of my wonderful seniors real close.

As I learn good things of everyone, a couple of years later, I, myself, want to be a person who can lead others. That’s what I’m keenly thinking lately.


Miyazawa Sae – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-A

(Interview room)

Back when I was a junior high school student, I was taught the word “Enjoy giving it everything”.

(Footage from theater performance – interview room)

Of course, there’s a tough time or a time when I feel the sting, or even I feel like crying,

But we only live this this life one time, so I figure that people who enjoy those tough times are the winners. I guess if people think I’m giving it everything when they watch my performance, the fact that I always keep this in mind may have something to do with it.


Miyazawa Sae – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-B

As you know, it’s overseas so I had a lot of concerns about it.

We only live this life one time. This time, I most keenly felt this in my whole life time.

When I think that we really can live this life only one time, I thought that I have no leisure to regret. I figured, I’m gonna take on any challenge!! 


Kawaei Rina – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-A

(In the bus)

If I were given a chance to be Ace, I want to be Ace that can surpass Maeda-san.

(Asking an advise from Takahashi Minami – Rehearsal scene)

Before I joined AKB, it’s so unrealistic to picture I would dance with Maeda-san.

I give it a lot of efforts, and I may have a tough moment as much, but I don’t want to let it let me down, and i just move on.

(Takahashi Minami watching her)


Kawaei Rina – Nisshin Cupnoodle “REAL” – Type-B

(In the bus)

Over all, I’m several steps behind others.

(Rehearsal scene – Asking an advise to Takahashi Minami)

So I figure that anything won’t start if I don’t give it efforts.

Rather than showing people how I work hard in my own way, I want people to see how I’ve improved, to see me after I worked hard and improved myself.

(Takahashi Minami watching her)

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