So Again We Will See The Real-Life Nightmare This Year…..

  June 11, 2012
This year 
Eveyday Cachucha Media Senbatsu
BistoSmap 22:00~ June 11
Guest: AKB48 Senbatsu member (16 members)
1. Yuko Oshima  9. Jurina
2. Mayu-san       10. Rena
3. Yukirin           11. Sae
4. Sashiko            12. Tomo~mi
5. Mariko            13. Rie-chan
6. Takamina        14. Miichan 
7. Nyan               15.  Yuihan
8. Tomochin        16. Umechan
About the show: Please take a look at Wingom’s  comments in the comment form below

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So finally we will see Jurina’s kiss scene…….
Oh come on…..
Will Jurina kiss, too???
15 y/o kiss…..
I don’t think Jurina is gonna kiss…..
Like….. they will fake it with the mess….

Why don’t just let them join only in the music show segment…..

Clam down, don’t make a fuss!! It’s just a kiss on a cheek!!

Your screams make me feel soooooooooooooooo fine.

If she kisses, I will do Oshi-hen.
I don’t mind if she kisses (in other work) because her dream is to become an actress.
But think about it. It’s right after the election where fans put so much effort and money to help her win her position.
And….. thinks about it, this is their reward for FujiTV! 
It doesn’t make any sense and even rude that the girls will repay FujiTV with kiss……
We shouldn’t even argue about kissing or not. It’s a matter of moral…
If you seriously meant it, then your comment is just so scary….
Is it only me who gets rather aroused seeing their kiss scenes????
Actually I made the most of their kiss scenes last year, so… I think I’m gonna do the same this time.

I am in your category….

So…. because Ota get mad at that kind of business-like kisses, AKB has so many haters….
On the contrary, because we can hold festival with that kind of nonsensical things, we will never get bored with AKB!

Actually I’m rather enjoying Ota’s reaction than AKB girls themselves….

Last year’s Takamina’s kiss was so funny.
I guess her (failed) kiss made Takamina Ota rather pleased than getting mad at it.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(´;ω;`)(burst into tears)

LOL members of Smap are around 40 already. Why you guys mind that much lol

I feel really grateful to God as I’m Ota of Hosare-men.
It’s no fault of Smap members, but Staffs!!

It’s not only about kiss….. I kinda got angry with the fact the their boobs were touching his shoulders ~~~~

It’s too late to go crazy about kiss!!!! (They’ve done plenty already~!)

Go ahead!! Kiss millions of times!!!

Reading this thread, I’ve comet to understand that “idol business”=”virtual love relationship”.

I think things will end up like this – For some reasons, Yamazato is called, and he, represents all other AKB members, kisses members of  Smap.
Yamazato (Yamachan) is a referee of Janken tournament

I’m rather happy that she failed to join Senbatsu by a small margin,
and she holds a really nice position as they still let her join Senbatsu even though she was below 16th. (Milky?)

By the way, do Smap Ota go insane with this kiss thing???

on the surface “Tuyopon (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) looks very awkward kissed by young gilrs! He’s so cute!!”
what really feel inside “F**k Bitches!!!!! Don’t bitch around my Tuyopon!!!!!!!”

LOL then how do they think about the fact that he’s kissed hundreds of girls already.

I think they’d better stop this, because fans of both groups won’t be pleased with this show!!

So…. we again will see Rena’s Ota going crazy…

Maybe this time, Jurina Ota also will….
And somehow, I have a feeling Yuihan Ota are sensitive about this one….

So we gotta be careful about Ota of members who didn’t join the last year’s show, plus Yukirin & Rena Ota!!

I’ve already seen her kiss in yesterday’s broadcast of MJ….. so I decided that I won’t mind it.

I don’t want to see Yuihan kiss a man…..

I clearly remember how Rena’s kiss brought tons of Ota’s outcry….
Maybe that’s the part of the reason she couldn’t rise in this election???

So it’s already passed one year since Rena’s traumatic (for Ota) kiss….

So it’s 4th kiss for Yuko this year….

I think her Ota already got used to seeing her kiss.

I’m genuinely envious of Tuyopon.

I think the best scenario is – “Both dishes are awful!!! This (kitchen battle) segment is over!!!”

That’s it!!!


 Paruru “My dad is as old as Nakai-san… (a leader of Smap)”
Nakai “So he will become forty this year? (@д@)”
Nakai  “Okay so you can call me “dad” from today (’д‘;)”

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