Making Footage of MV of French Kiss’s New Single (and 2 other stories about Paruru, Massacre and Jurina)

  June 4, 2012

Jurina prepared for her team K debut stage Reset only for one week

Shake-hands event report!

Maybe because people who couldn’t attend Shake-Hands event during her medical leave came today, there were so many people at Jurina’s lane. So I used 2 tickets.

Me “So as for team K’s Reset Stage, how long had you prepared??  I guess it was… two weeks?”
JR “One week!”
Me “One week???”
JR “(Smile and Doyagao)”
Me “Jurina, you’re great!! Though…. I already know this (^^)”
JR “Actually I wanted to join the stage earlier but I couldn’t make it.”
Me “(Still surprised…)”
(staff said “it7s time….”)
Me “Okay then… see you later…”

I wan thinking if she had two week, then she could manage to learn stage performance for Reset, but I was stunned when she said it was only one week…
I felt that I had underestimated her… Jurina is by far more awesome than I thought, and goes by far beyond my imagination….!

She’s learned only for one week!?!? Is she 神 or something??

Learned 16 songs for one week….. You’re amazing, Jurina….

This reminded me that she learned the choreo and song of NMB’s OMG for 30 minutes!!!
And when she told this, she was having Doyagao too!!

She performed that level of performance only with one week of practice!?!?
Her stage performance was superb, but her speed to pick up things may be more awesome!!

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Making footage of French Kiss’s new single Romance Privacy

So Yukirin will hold her solo concert (to commemorate the release of Yu..Yu…Yukirin) and then on 15th she will join the mini live concert of French Kiss!

Tsuyoshi Osawa on G+

New single of French Kiss “Romance Privacy” will be released on 18th July!!!

Tsuyoshi Osawa on G+

Today, Sponichi features MV of Romance Privacy, Daily Spots features bonus footage “Watanabe”, and Sanspo features bonus footage “Macao bullet tour”!!!!!

Ota’s Agonizing cries Again

Smap x Smap

11th June 
AKB48 election members will guest Bistro Smap show!! What they order for today’s dinner? Collaboration live stage with Senbatsu members right before the vote counting day!!

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I don’t want Bistro Smap anymore….(´□`)

So My Rino-chan will kiss a member of Smap again…

Wait…. will they kiss again???

I’m desperately praying to god that they won’t…

Paruru Maji Tenshi (Paruru is seriously real life angle)

In Japan Red Cross commercial, Paruru is Cho~zetsu Kawaii~~!!


You can’t fool me, you can’t!!!
How come you believe there’s an angle in real life….


I see the angle for the first time in my entire existence (*´ω`*)

You can watch the TV Ads from this link!