Paruru In Costume of Manatsu No Sounds Good! (and 2 other stories)

  May 12, 2012
Being allowed to wear a costume for the title track of singles is one of the indication that she is a central figure of AKB groups. Of the rule breaking 36 Senbatsu members, 15 (team 4: 10, SKE48: 3, NMB48: 1, HKT48: 1) are the members who are selected as Senbatsu for the first time.

These 15 members plus Mayuyu, Jurina and Milky, total 18 members are depicted as Semeru mono in the MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!, in which they are trying to save other 18 members, which is depicted as Mamoru mono and and the heritage their seniors have created.

The reason why Mayuyu, Jurina and Milky are in Semeru mono team is that they are expected to be the next Aces of the group, as these three angels not only have dance and vocal skills, but they have the most important talent to be the Aces of AKB, namely charisma.

But look at faces of 15 fresh members, there’s one girl who now have gotten the biggest attention as she is one of the strong candidate to be the successor of Acchan. Her name of course is, Paruru, the Ace of team 4.
Yesterday, Paruru uploaded her photo dressed in Manatsu costume and I think this costume suits her the best among all 18 members of Mamoru mono.
(by the way while Milky and Mayuyu’s costumes have short sleeves, Milky and Pruru’s ones are with no sleeves. I don’t know why…)
Paruru G+
“I’m dressed in costume for Manatsu no Sounds Good! for photoshooting!”

According to members blogs and pictures of SSA concert series in March, every member has a costume unique to each member. It seems like costume for Mamorumono members have more simple design than Semerumono members. The former has a flat collar with linear design (or no collar), while the latter has a curved collar with frills.
Paruru then thew a really difficult question to us….

Paruru G+
“Which one is real?”
This question is pretty difficult…
But difficulty level got even higher in the next question!
Paruru G+
“3 dogs lol”
Juri Takahashi on G+

“Is it me getting smaller?

Or is it Potato Chips getting bigger?

Which do you think is true?♪ “

Marina Kobayashi “Too big!”

Hilary “ポテトが大きくてじゅりがふつうだとおもおます!(I think potato is big and Juri is normal!)” lol

Hilary is still not good at written Japanese and she write her posts almost all in Hiragana. But the point is not that her Japanese is getting better or still affectionately poor, but rather she answered to Juri’s question, which is supposed to be answered in a funny way, just normally lol
It’s mystery that whether she is intentionally playing this funny Gaijin-like character (kinda like Jinglish which can be seen everywhere in this site (´Д`|||)  ), or this is her natural being, but either way Hilary always makes us smile by her laid-back personality, which can be seen in this photo, Togasaki took.

Meanwhile one of the scariest photos ever has surfaced on G+ universe….

Ayaka Morikawa G+

“Good afternoon!

Who is this girl in the picture?
Though the image is blurred since she was jumping when I took this, I think this question is pretty easy!”

(;゚Д゚) The angle of her neck is not the one of alive person….