Jurina Expresses Her Desire To Join Team K’s Revue Fast, (and 3 Other Stories About Komariko, Miichan and Chikarina)

  May 12, 2012

Yesterday, the photo in which Team B member Rina Chikano aka Chikarina dressed in sexy cloths surfaced on G+.

Yuta Niizuma G+ (Comedian who co-stars TV show with AKB members)

(Skip) Chika-chan, Da-ishi (Harukyan), Marippe (Mariya Suzuki), MAX (Shihori Suzuki), everyone was so funny in the filming!!”

Shihori Suzuki “We took too long time for the filming(;´д`) But again, this time was so fun! Thank you so much!!”

Harukyan~~~~~ why you are standing there!!!!!!

Meanwhile team 4 member, captain of AKB Acting club (I previously wrote AKB Theatre club but Acting is more precise.), Mariko Nakamura (Komariko) made a shameful comment as Ghibli fan….

Komariko G+

“Hello, Escragot is here!!

*Nagamari G+
“Yesterday Komariko was wondering whether to order Escargot.
So I told her ‘If you order Escargot, I will call you Escargot!!’
Then Mariko ordered Escargot half for her and half for me!
From today, her nickname became Escargot!!”

I’m watchin Kaze no Tani no Nausica!!

バルス dayone!!!!((((っ^ω^c))))

*バルス (Ba-Ru-Su) is a magic appears in Raputa, which collapse the world.”
Nagamari “(After eveyone commented pointing out Komariko’s miscomment) Ahaha”
Komariko “Uh…. what’s going on!?”
Komariko “OMG!! バルス is not in Nausica but in Raputa~~~~!!!!”
Komariko “Oh yeah” <- Kansai-dialect
Komariko “I made a mistake as a Ghibli fan….”
Komariko “Ze..zenmetsu???”
Zenmetsu (全滅) : annihilation <- she was trying to think of what was the equivalent of バルス in Nausica.
Komariko “Please tell me!!”
That was the shameful moment of Komariko when she immediately denied her remark by almost every her fan on G+ ….
Minami Minegishi (Miichan) G+ 2:20AM
“It’s been difficult to get into a sleep lately, so can you ask me questions (until I get into a sleep)?”
Sakiko Matsui “People say it’s important to do right things at right time. But I think it’s easy to say, difficult to actually do it. How do you think?”
Miichan G+
“I think people who are good at darts are fickle. Stereotype? lol

A member who I want to kiss is SayaNee (NMB48)! Because she is likely to resist to my kiss! lol

When I become an adult, I want to have my hair in golden color and cut it short!

(Answer to Sakiko’s question) I think timing is important, too.

I kind of feel that if we look at ourselves in bird’s-eye-view, it may be easier to notice when is the right timing. But it’s just how I feel.”
Miichan “My best kissing experience so far is with Yukirin. Her lips were so soft( ´ ▽ ` )ノHowa Howa~”
Miichan “The girl who have most amazing body to hug is Haruna (Kojiharu). Her tender thighs almost make me cry! lol”
Miichan “I guess Bowling-lovers have short hair style, though this is mere an image I own.”
Miichan “I think those who can make accessories by themselves have a good manual dexterity, which is natural.”
Kissing with Yukirin and hugging with Kojiharu!? I can’t help but feeling envy of her and AKB members in general. lol
On Sae-chan’s G+ wall, Jurina, who will hold concurrent posts in team K of AKB48 and team S of SKE48, wrote a bit surprising comment.
“We wraped up our Revue today!!

Thank you everyone as always for the supports!

I got so hungry, but I don’t lost to my desire to eat!!”
Jurina “Good Revue!! I want to go to team K’s Revue(^^). But honestly, I want to join in team K’s stage!!!♪♪”
Renacchi “Thank you for the great Revue!”
Nana Fujita “Thank you so much for the Revue, please take care, and let’s take PriKura together!”
Finally Jurina starts to express her usual positive, aggressive attitude in words! It seems she have almost fully recovered from illness due to overwork!
On 30th Apr at Shake-Hand event for the single GIVE ME FIVE!, Jurina also told Sayaka that she can’t wait to join team K’s stage. (Sayaka wrote this on her blog)
Though so far, everyone has no clue on when Milky and Jurina will join team B and K respectively (estimating based on the previous instances, it may be after or at the Tokyo Dome concert in August?), but it looks like they’d better process this transfer fast!