Minami Minegishi: The Power ‘To Be Loved’

  May 12, 2012

I have been thinking upon whether i should write on this topic or not for months, but today, i finally found the reason to share this story with you.

4 months ago in TV show Naruhodo Highschool, Gay Queen Mittsu Manglove threw pretty harsh words to Minami Minegishi aka Miichan.

On 27th Sep, on the night after the filming of the episode where Mittsu insulted Miichan, Miichan updated her blog.

Today I spent whole day on the filming of NaruHai-!!
Personally I had a heart breaking moments during the filming but I somehow recovered already…

As usual of Gay Queens in NaruHai, it’s expected that Mittsu opens up her filthy mouth to AKB48 members and somehow audiences are expecting it, too. But in the September episode, Mittsu crossed the line.

Mittsu “We know not all members of AKB48 are cute girls, rather there are some ugly girls in this group. And a member who is a forefront of them are you. Minegishi-san.”

Mittsu “When I was looking at you from the distance, I thought ‘Why an elephant is walking here?’.”

It was not only Mittsu but other gay queens were also freely speaking about her looks,

Gay Queen 1 “When we went on a location in Kyoto, I saw her Suppin (plain face)… She was like a little middle aged man!!”

Gay Queen 2 “Minagishi-chan is like salt sprinkle onto water melon. It’s a spice to make main ingredient more delicious.”

Miichan “A~~~~~ Mou Yada. (Uhmmmm I can’t take this anymore….!!)”

Host “I think she herself isn’t here thinking that she is salt.”

Mittsu “But… I think she have become a little more sophisticated lately”

Mittsu “But looking around, I can find several (ugly) faces in the back row…..”

Then one of Michan’s best friend Sassy tried to stop Mittsu’s filthy mouth,
(She was not using Keigo to Misstu, who is by far older than her, which means she seriously wanted to protect her friends, members.)

Sassy “Stop it! Stop it!!!!! It’s not only us but our parents are watching this!!!!”

Mittsu “To parents points of view, they think it’s lucky that their daughters could join AKB (despite their looks).”

Sassy screamed of desperation.
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(BTW while most members looked shocked and afraid of being named by Mittsu, some members including Paruru were nodding to his remark. Maybe Paruru, who had no idea why she passed the AKB’s audition, and her parents might think like what Mittsu said… Anyway, this kind of pointless reaction is a part of the reason why she is called Ponkotsu from some fans. (It’s not a criticism at all))

This incident brought a lot of angry comments from fans of Miichan on Mittsu’s blog.

But don’t worry. Miichan is not a weak girl who choose to escape from this tough business, but she rather chose to make this incident a chance to build relationship with this gay queen. Think about it, though it was a horrible remark, that also left a strong impression of Micchan to audiences.

The reason why I wrote this kinda useless story is after several month from this incident, Mittsu finally updated her post, stating her respect for Miichan.

Here is an excerpt.

“Recently one woman has joined this Mineko world. (Mineko: 峯子 is Miichan’s nickname used by Mittsu)

It’s Minami Minegishi.

Maybe with the name Minami, she may think she can be in the same category of other Minamis such as Minami Asakura or Saori Minami (both are idols of decades ago), but this is why I call her Mineko.

I think Mineko should be in the same category of Mineko Nishikawa and Maggie Minenko (Both are singers in ther 50’s).

But the fact this girl is in this national idol group describes how strong foundation AKB has.

Look carefully, Mineko is full of essences of an idol.

At a first glance, you may feel she exudes an aura that can’t be fit in the concept of an idol, but yet she exists as an idol. That means she is actually has a great potential as an idol.

But I really love to agitate her, saying “Hey Mineko!!” while in fact my heart is pounding as I’m picturing how her potential will bloom in the future.

And, this girl at the tender age of 19 has never escaped from me, a irresponsible, rude and sluttish Gay queen, but rather she chose to face me sincerely.

One of the things that make me feel that I can’t win over women is brave that can be seen in her.

When I mailed her, “What do you want to eat?”

She immediately replied to me, “Of course meat, I want to have meat.”

This kind of sentence can never be written by a gay queen like me, who are completely corrupt.

While being with her, I often experience moments that make me feel “Women are more like men.” But as I’m thinking like this, I found she is inclining her head in a really girly way more than anyone else. She often poses this kind of idol poses with Doyagao.

I can’t hep loving so much women who are foxy and tough like her, though my words sound harsh…

Even though some may think it’s early to judge the future of 19 y/o in this business, I absolutely believe that she will be an outstanding, amazing woman.

I think I should stop at this point because she may become more aggressive to me like “I want to meat!!!” if I compliment her too much.

So, please check out which is cuter, Mineko or I in tonight’s broadcasting of GachiGase.”

These days, I see a lot of interviews or articles about Miichan, where she is almost always described in pretty favorable way, making me think over these years she has learned how to build a friendly relationship with seemingly difficult person to deal with, such as journalists of tabloid paper or TV personalities like Mittsu.

Life is not easy, especially Show-biz is one of the grueling industry to live through. As… she wants to be all-rounder personality, like Nakai-kun of Smap (or I should say she wants to make her living as TV personality), it’s important to be able to make it a conversation when other TV personalities throw her grotesque words.

Minami Minegishi G+

“Please watch today’s GachiGase(^^)

There’re some scenes of the match between Mittsu-san and me.

I really love her teasing words because those words have love.

Mittsu-san also wrote about me on his blog, please read it, too.”

Mariko “Miichan is also Mittsu( *`ω´) (can be called Mittsu). Micchan♪”

I think she wrote this for two reasons. She wanted fans to enjoy the TV show she co-stars with Mittsu rather than be angry at his sometimes rude remarks to her. And, she want fans to forgive and understand Mittsu by reading his blog.

Though she and Mittsu introduced that their funny exchange will be presented in the TV show GachiGase, almost all these scenes have been cut and not appeared in the final product. I think both of them are used to being deleted footage where they appear, too used to it. But since both wrote about it on their blog and G+, I think they thought those scenes are interesting. Unlike NaruHai, this TV show mainly focuses on quiz section which involves audiences invited in the studio, so it may be understandable that scenes where only TV personalities appear are the last cuts to be left in the final product.
Miichan and Miichan fans, be positive!!