Minami Minegishi: What We Think of When We Think About Kawaii

  May 10, 2012
I’m not a linguist but I think if we could choose one person to be the definition of the word Kawaii, many people would agree that Minami Minegishi aka Miichan would be a strong candidate.
What did you laugh about with your friends in this summer?:
“I did fireworks with my friends in my hometown. We enjoyed so much that when I found it it’s the sky was already getting brighter. Since I couldn’t do things like this when I was at school, so I really enjoyed it. Everyone doesn’t treat me as an idol but I’m a little irritated when they say “Tomochin is so cute” or “Maruko-sama 超Kawaii”. But friends who treat me just an ordinary person are really precious and relieve my pressure.”
Miichan is the cutest when she sings.

 Some people say Miichan is cute when you look at her as an cute animal, not as a girl…
Maybe you are pretending to hear Kojiharu saying “Rare Animal!!”

Otagrapher Mariko knows how to bring out Miichan’s charm to the fullest.

 Many people who see Miichan for the first time are perplexed by the fact that she is an idol because she has such a unique face, but after a while they come to realize she has cute eyes, expressive facial expressions, clean skin, silky black hair, and she is overall just fantastically cute.
She sometimes really looks like a Pug.