Dakota Rose “The Real-Life Barbie” Will Make A Japan Debut Soon

  April 7, 2012
When I first watched her on this blog post at Buzzfeed, I was quite sure that she’s already had tons of business offers from Japanese agency. Well, it turned out to be absolutely true.

According to excite,

Do you know Dakoda Rose, who has become worldwide sensation for her Youtube videos? In her videos she, who is a huge fan of Japanese culture, introduces her own twist of Japanese style makeup and fashion. She even spoke a fluent Japanese in the video in which she introduces “猫耳ヘア“. “今日のヘアスタイルは少し猫耳なんだから、すっごくかっこいいと思う“, that’s her Japanese in the video. Absolutely Kawaii, and informative??

Her berbie-doll-like looking stole attention from all over the world, and her youtube channel has already gained more than 10 millions views. She was introduced in Japanese TV “Zip!” on 5th Mar, as a next big thing.

It all started with Anime and Japanese Dorama, which made her hooked with Japanese pop culturein Shibuya or Harajuku. She started studying Japanese, reading through Japanese Magazines, and trying the hair arrangement or make up of Japanese high-school girl for herself. She’s already contracted with Japanese model agency, and gotten a lot of offers for ADs and TV shows.

The scout of her Japanese agency said “Because I think she has a talent to be a star, I sent a offer to her. She has a keen interest in Japanese culture, and speaks fluent Japanese, I think she can do variety of work in TV industry in Japan.”
About her career path, the scout said “We will start with TV or Paper media, but also planning to expand to other fields.”

It is heard that Dakoda Rose herself is very pleased to start her career in Japan. We are expecting her active involvement in Japanese scene.

With her beautiful looking, which even drew speculations that she would be a computer-generated image from some, plus fluent and cute Japanese, we will soon see a big impact she brings to the land of rising sun.

It looks like almost all Japanese Netizens already know her (they are insanely knowledgeable about idols) but not all are raising positive chants.
“It’s ok to come to Japan, but be careful not to be consumed”
“She is already so perfect that there’s no room to enjoy watching she is growing… I think she has a short half-life.”
“I wish she would’t end up hating Japan after all crazy thing she would have here…”
“We already get used to those kinds of doll-like cutey…”
“She is a typical example of how it will look like when a really cute white girl get serious about her looking.”
“I think her main audience are girls not boyz like you!! She will definitely get enormously popular among Japanese girls, especially those who crave for Harajuku or Shibuya styles.”
“Her eyes are anime-like size.”
“She has an ideal white girl looking, which Japanese admire.”
“The real thing is whether she can keep her beauty for years or will be degrading soon just like all other white girls.”

I think more suitable dub for her is Real-Life Final-Fantasy Girl…  Since we all know people from other countries who really have a strong passion for Japan and Japanese culture is the great asset for the country (just like we foreigners are for America), if she loves Japan, there’s no reason for not supporting her. Hope her agency still allow her keep uploading youtube videos and introducing awesome things from Japan to the world.


Name: Dakota Rose
Age: 16
From: America
Height: 165 cm