NMB48’s 4th Single “Nagi-Ichi” Jacket Artwork Dropped

  April 7, 2012

Jacket artwork of coming NMB48’s 2nd single “Nagi-Ichi” was released. Nagi-Ichi is a shortened name for “Nagisa De Ichiban KawaiiKo” (The cutest girl at beach). As the title suggests, this is a song for summer season, and cover design successfully captured a whole flavor of be-earlied summer beach.

The first public performance of “Nagi-Ichi” was conducted at probably the most suitable place for summer tune, Okinawa International Film Festival.

Recently, NMB48’s home venue Osaka welcomed a brand new official AKB48 store “AKB48 CAFE & SHOP Namba

AKB48 Cafe & Shop Namba Official Blog


NMB48 theater is just across the street from AKB48 cafe & shop NAMBA, so if you will visit Osaka, you can never miss both!

NMB48劇場: NMB48 Theater
NGK: AKB48 Cafe & Shop on First Floor.
NMB48オフィシャルショップ: Official Shop

It would be especially crowded on weekends… you’d better to expect to wait in line for a while.

See the sign… I think they could do better job on English catch… it’s a bit cheesy…