“AKB48 CAFE & SHOP Namba” Grand Open Today

  April 4, 2012

大阪難波にAKBショップ!Following yesterday’s pre-open, “AKB48 CAFE & SHOP Namba” fully has started operation today.
Accordhing to Sanspo, 4 members of AKB48, Aki Takajo (高城亜樹),Hatuka Katayama (片山陽加), Kana Kobayashi(小林香菜) and Ami Maeda(前田亜美) and 3 members of NMB48, Eriko Joe(城恵理子), Aya Yamamoto(山本彩) and Yuka Kodakari(小鷹刈佑香) joined the pre-open ceremony held at the shop yesterday.

This Namba Osaka store is AKB’s 4th store in Japan, following Harajuku Tokyo, Akihabara Tokyo, Hakata Fukuoka. It has 254m2 area with 56 seats with 16 monitors displaying the group’s promotional Clips or live concert visuals. There also are members real signature hanging on the wall of store. The Cafe inside the store offers some menus proposed by members, as well as sweets and drinks which are inspired by members personalities.

According to Sanspo, Aya Yamamoto of NMB48 talkd “Osaka is famous for it’s variety of delicious flour-based specialties (for further info see this link), such as Takoyaki, or Okonomiyaki. I personally love salad, so it would be awesome to have Takoyaki salad or Okonomiyaki salad on menu for female customers.”

This store deals more than 5 hundreds goods, more than any other AKB shops, including Osaka-original clear plastic files, mugcup, and Kushikatsu (deep fried and breaded skewers) rice cookies.

With it’s Osaka-Limited items and proximity to NMB48 theater (just across the street), this new AKB48 shop in Osaka definitely will be one of Osaka’s biggest draw for both international and domestic tourists.

NMB on the left and AKB on the right
At the center of the shop, Atsuko Maeda’s stage costume is displayed in glass  showcase